Zomato Delivery Guy opens the sealed food pack, eats it and seals it back. Video went viral over twitter.


Breaking News: Zomato Delivery Guy opens the  sealed food pack

My peoples on metro cities have a very busy lifestyle and hardly have any time for anything. Many don’t even know how to cook or just too busy and tired for making their own food. Therefore online food delivery has been on great rise over these cities and gives a convenient option to the people craving for food.

Among them, Zomato is one of the leading food delivery companies since it is the most convenient platform. But after the video went viral of a delivery guy eating sealed food meant for delivery and packing them back for the delivery, many people would start reconsider ordering food online.


We can clearly see the delivery man sitting on bike wearing Zomato shirt with Zomato delivery bag. When he went out for food delivery, he eats food meant for delivery, and then keeps it back and takes out another one.And after done with the second package, he seals it and keeps it back inside after adjusting the sealing of the first packet before leaving.

This video was widely liked and shared over social media while concerned the service provider regarding the issue.

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