youtube to release new exclusive shows movies free to users

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YouTube’s big gift, you can watch new movies and shows in free

The world’s largest video streaming site YouTube has announced a big announcement. The company has said that it will soon give its users an opportunity to watch new movies and shows free and that too completely ad-free. Let’s say that alphabet has to pay some movies and shows money on YouTube owned by YouTube, because some of YouTube’s services are paid.

The feature featuring free movies on YouTube launched at the beginning of the new year. In this case, you will not need to pay for exclusive videos and shows. At present you to pay for premium and exclusive content on YouTube and YouTube’s paid service ad free. The company now bring its shows like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix too.


youtube to release new exclusive shows

Please tell us that YouTube started the paid service three years ago, which operating in 29 countries. However, the company has not yet disclosed the number of its paid subscribers. For a month in the US, you have to pay about $ 12 i.e. about 850 for a premium subscription to YouTube.

If YouTube actually does this then there will be trouble in the video streaming site and app like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix in India, because the number of users of YouTube is not only in India, but also the highest in the whole world. It worth noting that just a few days ago, YouTube said that it preparing to remove the ad from the video.

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