World Sleep Day Know How Many People In The World Do Not Get Good Sleep


Know how many millions of people in the world can not sleep well

Better sleep  necessary for better health, but in one study, it found that 10 million people worldwide are battling sleep  or sleep problems. More than 80 percent of these people are unaware of the disease and 30 percent of the people are sleeping so they cannot maintain it regularly. Philips India Ltd, a health technology company, asked about sleeping in more than 15,000 adults in 13 countries, such as America, Britain, Germany, Poland, France, India, China, Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Japan. , Then interesting facts were revealed during this period.

Sleep is still not a priority

In this survey, 67 percent of people felt the need for good sleep, but this not included in their priority. In India, 66 percent of people believe that it is necessary for a healthy exercise to exercise more than sleep, while doctors believe that it is necessary to take 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

Obstacles to good sleep

During the survey, 61 percent of the people said that they have an impact on sleep during treatment. Of these, 26 percent of people are suffering from Anandra and 21 percent due to snoring. 58 percent of people believe that anxiety is the reason for not sleeping for them and 26 percent believe that expansion of technology is a hindrance to good sleep. About 19% of adults in India said that with the normal sleep time, increasing the working hours is a major obstacle in sleep.

Impact of poor sleep

For poor sleep, 46 percent of adults worldwide feel responsible for fatigue and irritable behavior, and 41 percent lack the motivation for this and 39 percent consider it to be a major reason for lack of concentration.

Efforts to get good sleep

77 percent of adults around the world have tried to improve their sleep. The most favorite attempts include music that is good for ears. 45% of the Indians said that they tried to concentrate for good sleep, while 24% of adults adopted a special bed to take good sleep and maintain it.

Different Ideas of the Young Generation

The younger generation (18 to 24 years of age) thinks about sleep differently. These young people are less likely to get the time to sleep, even though they sleep more than every night, that is, they sleep for about 7.2 hours. Compared to them, people over 25 years of sleep get 6.9 hours. They feel more guilt even when they do not adopt a good sleeping habit.

Dr Harish R., Head of the Department of Sleep and Respiratory Care Said sleep disorder is a more serious problem than people understand, it is directly related to other serious diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and heart attack etc. In a country where snoring traditionally associated with sound sleep, it is quite challenging to make people aware that this a serious sleep disorder.


Dr Sanjay Manchanda, President of Sleep Medicine Department at Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, said sleep is an essential and active phase of life. Although people are becoming more educated and aware of such issues, due to which sleep disorders may arise, even then a very large population is still careless.

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