Wonderful Information About Peacock


“The pride of the peacock is the glory of God”

  • Peacock is the national bird of India.
  • Peacock is found in almost all parts of India.
  • On 326 January 1963, the Peacock was declared a National Bird by the Government of India.
  • Apart from India, the national bird of ‘Myanmar’ is also a peacock.
  • On the peacock’s head there is a beautiful chink like a cocktail.
  • Peacock is omnivorous and eats insects, flowers, seeds, small rodents and lizards. That is why it is also called a good friend of the farmers.
  • Peacock (male bird) is more beautiful, colorful and brighter than the peahen (female bird).
  • Peacock is a big bird with big wings, but it can not fly very high or long range.

Peacocks can survive till the age of twenty years.

    • Peacock likes to live in flocks A herb consists of 6 to 10 peacocks.
    • At such times, he looks very beautiful.
    • Peacock’s voice is not very sweet.
    • Peacock feathers are used to make purses, jackets and many beautiful things.
    • In India, there is a complete ban on peacock hunting. It is fully protected under the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.
    • There is also a religious significance of peacocks in Hindu society. The ride of Lord Kartikeya is the peacock of Lord Shiva.

Peacock found everywhere in India.

      • They can not fly in the air for a long time.
      • In the rainy season, Peacock dances on the black Ghat of clouds.
      • Peacock’s dance is very beautiful and viewable.
      • Peacock dances and prepares the mori for reproduction.
      • Their weight ranges from 4 to 6 kg.
      • Peacock considered a good friend of the farmer because it eats the insects that ruin the crops.
      • The piglet sprouts twice every year, which is 6 to 8.
      • Peacock’s feathers are green-blue.

Peacock length is about 1 meter.

      • These feathers have blue spots.
      • It is an omnivorous bird.
      • Peacock is a bird. Which produces offspring like common organisms.
      • On the lake the men make a small empire and allow the females to travel there.

Peacock’s neck is very long.

      • Feathers are half open and they shake it loudly from time to time, peacocks shout with a strange sound.
      • Peacocks are active in South India from April to May and in North India from July to September.
      • Peacocks make their nests from leaves, branches and other debris.
      • There are 4-8 light yellow eggs in nests, which cared for by females only, and thus after 28 days the children come out from the egg.

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