Foods That You Should consume on anti allergy diet


You are also living with allergies, just take it and get relief quickly

Because of colds, cough, we often fall sick. Often, we are confronted by allergic reactions and face difficulties as well. But let us know if you want to avoid diseases caused by allergies, then you can follow anti-allergy diet. No food can save you completely from allergies, but vitamins and minerals can save you from certain types of allergies. Although there are many food items that are also allergic to people, including milk, groundnut, soya product, fish etc. You also have an eye on anti allergy diets.

Increase omega 3 and decrease omega 6

If you think of reciprocating, taking omega 3 fatty acids more is less likely to be allergic. This is because fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory properties. While talking about omega 6 fatty acids, it can increase inflammation in the body, which also increases the chance of getting allergic, so reduce the amount of omega 6 by your diet.

The herb in which there are daily meeric acid

Rosemarinic acid reduces allergic reactions. Infections caused by leucocytes reduce these allergies. Rosemarinic acid is found in many drugs, including organo, lemon baum, rosemary, peppermint thyme.

Meal in which Vitamin C is more

Vitamin C is anti-oxidant which reduces inflammation. Recharge shows that Vitamin C histamine is in the reaction associated with allergic reactions. The body releases histamine in excess quantity of Vitamin C and histamine is a quick breakdown and it provides relief from allergic reactions.

Sillenium in the diet

Beneficial to cure all meals such as mushrooms, cods, shrimp etc., with sylenium, are beneficial and they do not allow allergic reactions. If you are eating a lot of selenium, then include food rich in Vitamin E in your diet. Vitamin E found in abundance in almonds, spinach, sugarcane, evecado etc.


Include honey in anti-allergic diet. Every day two spoons honey will keep you away from allergies in every season. Tell me with you that honey contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, thymine, vitamin B6. Magnesium: Include magnesium-rich food like cashew nuts, almonds, spinach, dark chocolate etc. in your diet, this will give you plenty of relief in allergy. Let me tell you Magnesium Broncodilator and Anti-Histamine. Bronchial muscles get relief from meals rich in magnesium. Therefore, add coconut milk to your diet.

Fruits and vegetables

Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet as high as possible. There are also naturally anti-inflammatory properties that do not allow allergy reaction. Eat as much as possible vegetables and add tomatoes, citrus fruits etc. in the diet.

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