Unbelievable Facts about Human Eyes


“The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake”

      • Here are about 125 million rods and 7 million cones in the eye’s retina. The rod helps in looking into shadows and low light, and helps in looking at the bright light from the angle and identifying the colors.
      • The size of man’s eyes remains the same as from birth to death. But with the aging, its lens becomes thicker. Therefore, specs can usually be needed after 40 years of age.
      • Eyes are the most spectacular camera in the world. Eye lens is multifocal. It takes just 2 milliseconds to adjust.
      • The normal person blinks the eyelids 12 times per minute. According to this, ten thousand times in one day and one year (10,000,000) blink one million times.
      • Perhaps you will not be aware of another truth related to blinking the eyelids. That is, if you add a moment to blink of life, you will get dark for 1.2 years.
      • The problems associated with the eye are cured very quickly. In 48 hours, cornea gets repaired with proper care.
      • The bee has five eyes.


    The human pupil weighs about 28 grams.

          • The color of both eyes of some people is different. This condition is called heterochromia.
          • You may not know a single fact about the cornea present in the eye. Cornea is the only tissue in the human body that does not contain any blood vessels.
          • Of all the muscles present in your body, the muscles that control your eyes are most active.
          • The size of the human eye is the same as from birth to death. But as the aging increases, the lens of the eye increases.
          • You can never sneeze by opening the eyes.
          • If the newborn cry, then their tears do not come out. They just cry by voice while crying. Until she is 4 to 13 weeks, her tears do not come.
          • Whatever we see with our eyes / eyes, we make a reverse image on our retina, which is read directly by the brain.
          • When a child is born, he sees all the white and white and then gradually everything looks visible.
          • There are small small 2 million parts in our eyes / eyes that work together and then we see it.

        We snap our eyes for 0.3 seconds.

              • There are countless colors in the world and our eyes can only recognize 1 million colors.
              • We all actually see only three colors, red and green colors are formed by combining these three colors and with the help of these three colors we all know about 10 million colors.
              • Our eyes can be seen due to only two cells, these two cells are called Rod Cells and Cone Cells.
              • In the whole day, an average person lives in the dark half an hour.
              • All black and brown eyes will be seen, even the eyes / eyes of Neel will be seen, but we can tell you that some people have eye eyes, green and even red and purple colors.
              • When a child is born then everything looks upside down i.e. our brain does not evolve by then.
              • As we grow up the brain develops and reads the inverted picture falling on the retina to straighten the mind.
              • The two eyes of some people, more clever, are different, it is called Hererochromia.

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