M Narendra Modi summons Tripura CM Biplab Deb over controversial statements


VIDEO: Tripura CM Bipbal Deb gives a statement on Pan, given by Panwale

Tripura Chief Minister Bipel Deb had recently made a statement about the Pan shop. Now, on one of his statements, a Panwale himself has responded. Let me tell you, Bipelab said during a program organized on World Pushpathan Day in Agartala on 28th April that the youth have been running behind political parties for many years so that they can get government jobs. By doing this, they are wasting important time for their lives. Better to run behind the parties, if they open the yacht shop, their bank balance could still reach up to five lakh rupees.

Paanwale gave these answers

For this statement, Tripura CM Bibelb Deb suffered a lot of criticism. Due to continuous controversy, he has summoned Delhi by PM Narendra Modi. In the meanwhile, a paanwale kept his opinion about running a pan shop and the opportunity for youth to get employment through it.

Bharat Tiwari, owner of Mumbai's famous Munchar Panwala shop, supports Bipel Deb's statement. He said that we have 6 brothers and each one has two children. Now everyone can not read and become an officer. Some of these children will get confused. Whatever it will come out, we will pull it into this line (running Pan shop). By bringing this line will make the child good. This is a good choice of employment.

The statement was given on those who read mechanical engineering

Before commenting on the opening of Pan shop, Bipelab had also made a statement about the youth coming to the civil service on mechanical engineering on 28 April. Bipelab had said that people with mechanical engineering background should not select civil services. Creating a society. Civil engineers have this knowledge ... because those who are in the administration have to create a society. ' Deb said that the first art graduates used to sit in Civil Services Examinations and are now coming to the Medical and Engineering graduate service. He said that the Civil Services Officer should be all rounded because 'the highest demand for experts from all fields'.

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