Three Pakistani Soldiers Stacked In Firing


Pakistan towards LoC in Sunderbani

Pakistan is not able to respond to its antics. The firing done by Pakistan towards the LoC in Sunderbani, Naushera and Khor Sector of Jammu. Army officers said Pakistani troops targeted by military posts and residential areas. Starting from 10.30 am on Wednesday, firing started with mortar and automatic weapons, which are still going on. Indian soldiers respond to the firing. Due to firing in the residential area, all schools and other institutions in the border area closed for 72 hours.

3 Pakistani soldiers stack

According to a news paper in Jammu and Kashmir, three Pakistani soldiers killed in the firing by Indian soldiers, while two Pakistani soldiers badly injured. In the Sunderbani, Rajouri, Naushera and Khor Sectors of Jammu and Kashmir, firing continued from both sides for the last 72 hours. According to information, Indian soldiers have destroyed three posts of Pakistani soldiers. Further said that after fearing the firing from Indian soldiers, Pakistani soldiers stopped firing in the middle. Indian soldiers have not suffered any kind of damage in Pakistan's firing, but in view of security, 72 schools of the border area closed till March 5.

A dread of death among border people

12 Pakistani soldiers and 9 people have died in Pakistani firing. In the firing incident, more than 80 people badly injured, mostly in the border areas. In view of security, most of the government institutions including school, office closed for most of the time. Hundreds of people have taken refuge in the relief camp. People have an environment of fear. People living in the frontier area always fear that there should be no bullet life when they do not know.

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