In the year 2019, these Diseases can cause Harm to Health

disease 2019

In the year 2019, these diseases can cause harm to health

The year 2018 has not been much more special than a health perspective. From diphtheria to leptospirosis, many diseases affected us and our health in 2018, of which some of our ailments we called ourselves. In such a situation, if they have not been taken proper measures to prevent them, they may harm your health somewhere in the new year (2019). If we take out a little time from everyday life to keep our health properly, then you can avoid these diseases, but if you do not pay attention to these small things, then it will be your health in 2019.

There can be even more damages for them. Today we are going to tell you about some such diseases which you can take in 2019 It is important that you pay attention to your health and be aware of these diseases.
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The World Health Organization estimates more than 200 million cases of malaria worldwide every year. We can predict how malaria is a deadly disease that is more than 4,00,000 deaths in the whole world. It is mainly spread by female bites of mosquitoes. This mosquito contains a special type of bacteria that is called Plasmodium and when it goes inside the body of a person named Plasmodium, then the liver begins to infect the blood cells.

Malaria can be proven too many times, so try that if you have a fever, sweating, body pain and vomiting problems for a long time, then check for malaria and do not have to collect dirt and water nearby. This mosquito can be prevented from giving rise to it.
Malaria can be eliminated from India by 2030.

Zika virus

In 2018, the Zika virus caught thousands of people. This virus is so dangerous that if a pregnant woman is in a woman, then she takes her baby in her womb for a moment. Because of which the child’s development stops not only, but also the child’s death in many cases. Tell me there is no vaccine or no treatment for the virus. Its only treatment is prevention and caution.

Food poisoning

Almost millions of people fall sick every year after eating contaminated food. In general, people take food poisoning very lightly, but few people know about how fatal it may be. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea are common symptoms of food poisoning. In most cases people do not need treatment during food poisoning and in one or two days the person gets himself cured, but caution is very important in case of pregnant women, children and the elderly.
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Dengue is a viral infection that spreads through mosquito bites by dengue virus. It is spread due to a mosquito called Aedes Aizpi, which is also the cause of diseases such as chikungunya, jika virus and jaundice. According to the WHO report, dengue takes more than 3 lakh people every year, most of which is late in the case that the patient has to lose his life. Let’s say the only way to avoid dengue is cleanliness and caution. Because in most cases these mosquitoes are found in dirty and unclean places.


Diphtheria is a serious bacterial infection disease. In the last few months of 2018 this disease was spread as a pandemic. Diphtheria affects mainly children. This disease primarily affects the throat and nose in the body. Diphtheria is a very spreading disease in the human race. Diphtheria is mainly a disease spreading from dirt. Dangerous objects around us also play an important role in spreading diphtheria. People infected with diphtheria leave dangerous substances called bacteria poison. Cleaning our environment is a major way to stop diphtheria.

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