Turn Your Weakness Into Strength Motivational Story

Motivational Story

Motivational Story: Good work can be done with deficiencies, if you need it, then look

Motivational Story- A farmer lived in a village. He used to wake up every morning to take clean water from the waterfalls. For this work, he used to take two big jars with him, which he used to hang in the stove and hang both on his shoulder.

One of those pots was frozen somewhere. Because of this, reaching home every day, only one and a half kilogram of water was saved near the farmer. This was going on for two years.

Motivational Story

The right pitcher was proud of the fact that the whole water of the entire house reaches home and there is no shortage in it. On the other hand, the blown knife was embarrassed by the fact that only half of the water gets to the house and the farmer’s hard work goes away. Thinking about all this, it seemed to be very disturbed. One day when he did not stay, he said to the farmer, “I am ashamed of myself and want to apologize to you”


The farmer asked, “Why are you embarrassed?”

The broken pot said sadly, “Maybe you do not know but I’m out of place, and for the last two years, I have reached half of the water I should have reached home. This is a huge shortcoming in me, and because of this your hard work has been wasted. ”

The farmer was sad to hear about the pitcher and said, “Never mind, I want you to look at beautiful flowers falling in the way while returning today.”

The pitcher did the same thing, he came across beautiful flowers looking around, his sadness turned away, but after reaching home, half of the water had fallen, he was disappointed and apologized to the farmer.

The farmer said, “Maybe you did not pay attention to all the flowers that  there on your side, there was not even a single flower on the right pitcher, that is because I always knew the shortcomings in you, and I I used to enjoy the colorful flowering seeds on the path towards you, you do a little bit of the day and keep on sipping them and making the whole path so beautiful. Only by which I can offer these flowers to God and make my house beautiful. If you were not as if you were like then could I do all this? ”

here is no shortage in all of us, but these drawbacks make us unique. Like that farmer, we must accept everybody as he is and should focus on his goodness, and when we do this then the “scattered pottery” will also become valuable from “good things”.

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