St. Petersburg’s metro station Looks like the museum,glass pillars, and chandelier.

metro station

Looks like the museum is decorated with St. Petersburg’s metro station, glass pillars, and chandelier.

The number of people traveling on the Metro train is increasing rapidly. Metro station, built in many cities of the world,are famous for their beauty and passenger choice. Due to his specialty, he has been awarded the world’s best metro stations award. Evitovo of Russia is such a beautiful metro station.

5 special features of this beautiful Metro Station

  1. Everyone goes to roam at St Petersburg station in Russia. But after seeing this metro station you will want to come here again and again. After seeing this station you will feel as if you have reached a museum.
  2. This station is decorated with glass pillars, white marble vols and beautiful chandelier, but it is forbidden to draw pictures here. The architecture built here. This attractive station is located below 12 meters, which is 39 feet below ground
  3. This beautifully carved station attracts tourists very much from imagination. Thanks to the beautiful design of this metro station. Levenson goes.
  4. Many tourists are not here to sit in the rail, but only to see them here. This seen as an underground luxury hotel decorated.
  5. There a long escalator attached to the bottom here. You will also see attractive paintings as soon as you get down. In 2014, Avtova Station named in the world’s 12 most beautiful Metro Railway Stations.

How to reach

Apart from the capital New Delhi, there is one stoppage flights from Mumbai and Bangalore to St. Petersburg. The rent is around 60 thousand rupees.

Where do you wait

Here you can stay in luxury hats in the rate of Rs. 4 thousand to 40 thousand rupees and above.

Facts and Figures

It developed in 1955 as part of the first Leningrad metro line.

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