Smerch missile hits target, passes trial at Pokhran


The missile, test conducted in Pokhran fixed target, will kill the enemy 90 km away.

The test of the missile in Pokhran has been successful. It is able to kill up to 90 km. The missile of India-Russia joint effort was also tested last year but it did not reach the goal. There was a bigger accident than it was. Indian Army and Russian scientists were present during the trial. During this time the trial of two new versions of the missile 9 mmf and 9 55 were successful. There are a total of 5 missiles in this missile. This system is being examined for various standards on the firing range.

Missile test last year had failed

The last missile missile of the last year was deviated from the target. The missile fell on a village by changing direction. There was no loss of life at that time. Where Missileagiri was there crater. The scientists then made changes and tested it again. That is why Russian scientists were present at the time of testing. Indian Army experts were also present.

India-Russia agreement

An agreement was reached a few years ago between arms and ammunition between India and Russia. According to the news of the magazine, the weapons used in India will be the use of Russian technology. The Smurf missile is made in the Ordnance Factory located in Kanpur, UP. There is convenience to change direction after fire in this missile. It can be controlled with a remote. DRDO has developed multi-barrel rocket launcher Pinaka Mark-3. The Pinaka Mark-2 has the capability to hit the 60 km radius. The Mark-3 goes up to 90 km away.

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