Your smartphone is destroying your memory


Smartphone can spoil the memory of teenagers know what’s the reason

The long term exposure to radio radiation from mobile phones can adversely affect adolescent activity of some parts of the brain. This information has been given in a study published in ‘Environment Health Perspectives’. About 700 teenagers from Switzerland were involved in the study. Scientists of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) have observed the relationship between the lives of the youngsters in the radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) without communication and the kidneys.

With the use of mobile phones found in the study, the intervention of RF-EMF in the year can be negative on the advice of adolescents. Pre-studies published in 2015 also confirm this.


Now people’s lives are in their Smart Phone

Look at the update of moments on social media. Its easy to said in a language that those whose minds mastered by Smart Phone. By hearing these things you might feel that we are talking about you only. According to a survey, 65 percent of smart phone users in India have become addicted to the phone. It is called the Smartphone Addiction in Scientific Language or the Internet Addiction. And to overcome this kind of problem, nowadays Digital Detox used in most countries.

In ancient times, people used to take vanaprastha to get rid of worldly obstacles, that is, they used to go to the forest and used to make huts there. Now, in the 21st century, people are going to the jungles to get rid of mobile phone wireless connection. And they are spending time in small wooden houses. A US company (Getaway) has created Digital Detox Home to address the Internet problem. These Detox Homes …… are built in the jungles of New York and Boston, so that people get a chance to live near nature. The condition to stay here is that you will have to lock your phone in a box after entering the house and in the meantime you have to keep distance from the phone. The size of this house made of wood is 150 to 200 square feet, its one day rent is 11 thousand rupees.

smartphone destroying your memory

You also need to know whether you are suffering from Smartphone Addiction or not? Because once symptoms detected, it becomes easier to treat. According to a new research..If you check your smart phone repeatedly..without the meeting, your mobile phone not kept away. While sleeping, they keep their mobile phones close … and when they do not even need to pick up a mobile phone … then you a victim of addiction associated with mobile phones.

Addiction to smartphones in teenagers can lead to an imbalance in brain chemistry

It also affects your body and mind. Trouble hearing from ear .. Pain in the penis and fingers .. Physical and mental problems like chaos and restlessness can be the result of this addiction. The victims of this kind of addiction check the mobile phone once before sleeping and after getting up in the morning, their first task is to check the mobile phone. You must surprised to know that India is the second country in the world, where 60 percent of people check their phones within 5 minutes after rising in the morning. South Korea is number one in this case

Apart from this, 80 percent of India’s people sleep by checking their phones before sleeping at night. While nearly 30 percent of people watch their phone more than 50 in a day. According to Pew Research, 44 percent of people sleep with their mobile phone just keeping their pillows. According to the Public Library of Science, the more people use Facebook. They equally distressed and frustrated in their real life. About 32 million people in India have smartphones. According to an estimate, the number of people using Smartphone in India will be more than 81 million by 2021.

You may have seen that in ancient times, the king used to abandon his palace and go to the forests. It called Vanaprastha. Today the information is a period of revolution and the way of going to the forest in the digital age has changed, but the technique is the same old. Going closer to nature, give the mind peace and refreshment. The thing to learn from this is to reduce the temptations of your phone, or you may have to go to the Internet intoxication center in the forest someday.

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