Singer Adnan Sami Claims His Staff Called “Indian Dogs” At Kuwait Airport

Kuwait Airport

Adnan Sami's team told 'Indian Dog' on the Kuwait airport

It has happened many times when we have heard that in the foreign countries, their religion and nationality are treated unfairly with Indian celebrities. Recently Adnan Sami had to face similar situation. After which Adnan Sami complained of wrong behavior with his own team in Kuwait while tweeting on his Twitter handle. In his tweet, Adnan Sami said that the staff of the Kuwait Airport behaved badly with his team.

Adnan Sami had arrived in Kuwait for his concert. While with his team, Kuwait Airport staff not only mistreated but also called his team 'Indian dog' and got wrongly treated with them for no reason. Only after tweeting Adnan Sami, state Home Minister Kiran Rijiju replied while responding to his tweet, "I would like Shama that you had to hear such. Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj is looking at your case and you can contact her.

Adnan Sami wrote while responding to this tweet of Kiran Rijiju, "Thank you for looking at this matter and for your concern." I am talking about Sushma Swaraj in the matter. I am very proud that he is our Foreign Minister.

Significantly, Adnan Sami was a Pakistani national and he had taken Indian citizenship in 2015. After Sami had exposed his Pakistani passport, he gave a request letter to the Indian citizenship. After which he given the citizenship of India.

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