Sindhutai Sapkal: “A Mother of Orphans”


“Power is like being a lady.. if you have to tell people you are, you aren't”

Sindhutai Sapkal is a Marathi social worker working for orphaned children. Despite having difficult problems in his life, She has done the task of managing orphaned children. The life of Sindhutai dream started as a child, which no one needed. After that she married, her husband, abused and killed. When she was nine months pregnant, she left them. Under the circumstances in which he lost any courage, Sindhutai became stronger with every difficulty. Today she is the mother of 1400 children. The children who had no one to worry about eating and drinking. Sindhutai adopted these children when he himself was trying to raise awareness for himself. Sindhutai is more than a name. Hundreds of stories hidden within this 68-year-old woman. Looking at Sindhtai's agility, hardly can you imagine that she has grown old. People love them as 'mothers of orphans'. A laughing-faced face extinguishes with remembering the old things. But their talk can be an inspiration for anyone. She says that I am for everyone who has no one.

Birth and Education: -

Sindhutai was born on 14 November 1947 in the village of Pimpri Meghe in Wardha district of Maharashtra. His father's name was 'Abhiman Sathe', which was a flock (feeding animals). Due to being a daughter, Sindhutai disliked by all the people in the house (because she was a daughter and not son), so she used to call her 'shit' (cloth piece of cloth) in the house. But her father wanted to teach Sindhu, so she went to school. Sindhu's education obstructed due to mother's opposition and economic status of the house. When she passed the fourth grade exam, she had to leave her school due to financial status, home responsibilities and child marriage.

Marriage and Life Beginnings: -

When Sindhutai was 10 years old, she was married to 30-year-old 'Shreehi Sakpal'. When she was 20 years old, she became the mother of 3 children. The head of the village who did not pay their wages to the villagers, had complained to the district officer that the complaint was done by Sindhutai. In order to take revenge for this insult, the Chief Shiheri (the wife of Sindhutai) was forced to take Sindhutai out of the house when she was pregnant for 9 months. On the same night, she gave birth to a daughter in a stable (the place of living of cow-buffaloes). When she went to her mother's house, her mother refused to stay at home because her father had died. Sindhutai started living with her daughter at the railway station. Begging to fill the stomach and stay in the crematorium for keeping the girl and her daughter safe at night. During her struggle, she experienced that there are so many orphans in the country who need a mother. Neither did everything shake them in. She even thought of committing suicide but later started begging on the railway platform with her daughter. While begging, She adopted her own daughter in 'Shri Dharakshit Halwai, Pune, Maharashtra' Trust so that she could become the mother of all orphaned children She came in contact with many children who had no one. In those children, She found their sadness and adopted all of them. She started begging for these children along with them. After that, the cycle started. Any child who gets them orphans, they take him. So far, they have already lost more than 1,400 children. She teaches them, gives them marriage, and helps to start life fresh. All these children call her Mai.

Further work: -

Sindhutai has dedicated her whole life to orphans. That is why they are called "mai" (mother). She has adopted 1050 orphan children. There are 207 son-in-law and 36 daughter-in-law in his family today. She has more than 1000 grandchildren They have their own daughter advocate and they have many children for adoption today, they are doctors, engineers, lawyers and they also run their own orphanages. Sindhutai has received 273 national and international awards, including "Ahilyabai Holkar Award" which is received by the Maharashtra State for the women and the social workers working for children. They use all these money from the prize for orphanage. She orphanage is located in Pune, Wardha, Saswad (Maharashtra). In 2010, Marathi film based on the life of Sindhutai was created, "I Sindhutai Sakpal", which was selected for the 54th London Film Festival. When Sindhutai's husband became 80, she came to live with them. Sindhutai accepted her husband as a son saying that she is now just a mother. Today she is proud to tell that she (her husband) is her eldest son. Sindhutai also writes poetry. And her poems have the complete essence of life. She expresses gratitude to her mother because she says that if her mother had supported her at home after being removed from her husband's house then today she could not become the mother of so many children.

Sindhutai Institution: -

  • Samitya Bal Niketan, Vhelhekar Vasti, Hadapsar Pune
  • Mamta Baal Sadan, Kumbharvan, Raswad
  • Mai Ashram Chikhaldara, Amravati
  • Abhaman Bal Bhavan, Wardha
  • Gangadhar Baba Chhatralaya Guha
  • Saptasindhu Mahila Arhar Balasankoopan and Education Institute Pune

Awards: -

  • 2015 - Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize for the Year 2014
  • 2014 - Baswa Bhushan Award 2014 Award, with Basva Services from Pune and more
  • 2013 - Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice
  • 2013 - The National Award for Ionic Mother
  • 2012 - Real Heroes Award, and from CNN - IBN & Reliance Foundation
  • 2010 - Ahilyabai Holkar, Awarded by the Government of Maharashtra
  • 2008 - Woman of the Year award, given by Lokstrata
  • 1996 - Adoption Mata Award
  • 1992 - Leading Social Country Award
  • Sahyadri Hirkani Award
  • Shivala Female Gaurav Award

Greatness: -

Based on Sindhutai, a Marathi film came in 2010, 'I am Sindhutai Sakal', which was based on a true story. And the film also selected for the 54 London Film Festival. Social service for Sindhutai- This word is unaware because they do not believe that they are doing something like this, according to them social services are not spoken. There is no need to make special efforts for this. Unknowingly, the service you have made is social service. Doing this, you should not feel that you are doing social service.

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