Italy fines Apple, Samsung millions for ‘slowing phones’

Italian Competition

Phone updates are on the name of the fictitious fines of forgery, Apple and Samsung

Italy’s Italian Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) accused the mobile company Samsung and Apple of deliberately making their phones deliberately, and its investigation began in January. Both of these companies found guilty in this investigation.
Samsung and Apple both imposed a penalty of 50 million euros (about Rs 42 crore). AGCM said that the updates to update the mobile phone  actually done by D-grade instead of upgrading the update phone. Buy the user new phone .

Indeed, both of these companies began to be trapped in their net when they started installing updates on their users and pressing for upgrading their phones. After this people found their phones slow down compared to earlier.

AGCM imposed a penalty of 50 million euros on Apple because Apple did not even tell when to change the phone’s battery, and what would it be like. Apple apologized after this and cheated the batteries of iphone 6 and iphone 6s.
Tell you that the penalty of 50 million euros is the biggest penalty of AGCM rights.

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