Sachin Tendulkar : The Wall Appreciates the Masters

“Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark”

The name of cricket is immaterial without Sachin Tendulkar. The contribution that Sachin has made to cricket is hardly another one. The name of Sachin comes as soon as the records show. During his entire career, Sachin gave the answer to every challenge with his bat. He stayed on the summit and retired while on the peak. Sachin remained very good in his entire career, remained very quiet and remained unassailable. Sachin's cricket career is not only for the cricketers but also the source of inspiration for every person who wants to stay ahead in life and stay on top of success.

About Sachin Tendulkar:

Summary In the great cricketers of the world, Sachin Tendulkar was born in Mumbai in 1973. Childhood Sachin Tendulkar was born in Dadar, Mumbai. His father Ramesh Tendulkar was a Marathi novelist and mother Rajni Tendulkar used to work in an insurance company. His name is named after Sachin Dev Burman, who was Ramesh Tendulkar's favorite music director. They have two other brothers, who are the children from their father's first marriage and also have a sister.

Nath Sachin Sachin grew up in Mumbai His parents were relatively moderate and middle class, who wanted to make Sachin his future bright by giving good education. However, Sachin Tendulkar considered education as a duty rather than an opportunity, and in the early days, he was counted among naughty children. Sachin's film, Sachin A Billion Dreams, has also been featured in this form of Sachin.

Before cricket, Sachin initially played tennis and John McNroe was the tennis ideal of Sachin. He used to fight other children in school and the school staff knew him as a disturbing child whose academic future was limited. Seeing his mischievous behavior and unlimited power, his brother Ajit introduced him to cricket in childhood. They used to feel a headache in school work and wrote studies, they used to waste a lot of time. So young Sachin Tendulkar seemed to love cricket immediately. They started practicing with friends as a batsmen and also alone. Ramakant Achrekar, the well-known local coach of cricket, went to Sachin's skill.

Ramakant ji immediately recognized the talent of Sachin and he advised that Sachin should enter the new high school where more modern cricket is taught. Sachin accepted his advice and after a few days he entered the new school. Eventually, he got a group of players who could challenge him and could increase his skills further.

Sachin dedicates his life to cricket at that level which can hardly equate him. After school, he spent many hours on the training grounds, making batting systems with his fellow players so that he could encourage himself. They kept a rupee coin on the stumps and challenged the players, they showed them out. If they were out, the player could have kept that coin with him. And if he did not get out during the entire training session, he would have kept that coin. The batting strategy of Sachin was very effective and when he left school after the training ended, he had more than thirteen coins. It displays their qualifications and motivated batsmen.

Since Sachin was not part of the Indian team, he was constantly dreaming of playing for India. This is the biggest thing for any cricketer that he played for the country and won him. We should also think of doing whatever may be the biggest in our field of interest and must work hard to get it. In fact, Sachin also said in his last speech today ... "There is no shortcut to success." So, let's think big, work hard and achieve what we intend to.

Career Beginnings:

Tendulkar started playing cricket as a professional in the last few years of 1980, in which he played against India and Pakistan against New Zealand as the batsman. At the age of sixteen, he started playing international cricket in his teen age, and by the age of twenty, he became the star of Indian cricket.

During the early years of the twentieth year, Sachin Tendulkar became known as the top cricketer. He made his maiden century in the one-day match against Australia at the age of 21. In 1998, when he scored a record breaking 10 against Australia, his career reached the peak.

Sachin Tendulkar has given more than 20 years of service to Indian cricket. As a batsmen, he made many records in his long career. In the mind of those who commented on the game, they emerged as the chief batsmen and record breaking players of entire Cricket World.

Among the well-known cricketers of the world, Sachin Tendulkar became the source of inspiration for young players who were looking for a way in their life. Sachin got success in youth and he became famous by the age of 25.

We thank him for his guidance and his work by his coach, who made Tendulkar the true star of the world of cricket. Take their fox and attitude into your heart and you will definitely get success, whether it is batting, business or any kind of art.

Every player or person has bad times in his life, Sachin has too many times out of form, so sometimes he is sitting out of the team due to some injury. But every time they have bounce back. How many times did Sachin go to the pressure of being retired, how many times the critics brought out their weaknesses, and those who do not even know the 'C' of cricket, they are not lagging behind. But Sachin never responded to the critics, he went to the field every time and his bat talked.

Personal Life:

After five years of courtship, Sachin married Anjali Tendulkar in 1995. Anjali is a pediatrician and is 6 years older than Sachin His father is a Gujarati businessman and mother is a British social worker. His two children are Arjuna and Sara, who were born in 1999 and 1997 respectively.

Sachin has done so many records till today that a separate record book can be made. Even standing on the Amber of Sachin Rano, he always looked hungry for Runo, he never got satisfied and went on making new records every day.

Sachin played Krishnamachari Srikanth in his career and Dhoni with many captains, and his relationship with everyone was very good. Despite being such a big player, he could not see any kind of ego problem. Sachin is a complete team player who keeps the team's interest before his interests, and for which the team's victory is essential for his personal achievements.

  • He is the first person to score 200 runs in one-day internationals.
  • They are the only batsmen in the world who have scored 100 hundreds in international matches.
  • 100th century against Bangladesh on 16 February 2012 in Mirpur.
  • The highest (18,000 runs) runs in one-day internationals
  • 49 Centuries in ODI One Day Internationals
  • The highest score in one-day internationals World Cup matches
  • The highest (51) century in Test cricket, the first batsman to score 17,000 runs in one-day internationals with an innings of 175 runs against Australia on 5 November 2009.
  • Highest Score Record in Test Cricket Test cricket is the world's first batsman to score 13,000 runs.
  • Most Man of the Series in One Day Internationals International Most Man of the Match in One Day Internationals
  • The record of making 30,000 runs in international competitions.

Sachin has played cricket on the international level for 24 consecutive years. It is impossible to do without 100% focus. Despite the star of the eyes of Sachin Media, he never wandered from cricket. Whenever he offered a job to work in movies, Sachin clear ... his focus on the pitch of the yard of twenty four years and therefore he more than a cricketer, despite the mountain of hope on his head. Find a better game for a long time and better

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