Sachin Tendulkar Average of 40 More In All Test Playing Nations


Such record in Sachin's name test, which did not touch Gavaskar, Dravid and Kohli

There are so many batsmen in Test cricket who are ahead of Sachin Tendulkar in terms of records. Yet this format of cricket has such a record of batting in Sachin's name. Which has not yet been able to touch any batsman. In ODIs, all the records are on his name, but Sachin Tendulkar has a great record in Test cricket. These records did not even make big batsmen.

Yes, before Sachin's retirement, he has scored runs on average of 40 over the country against all the Test playing nations. No player in the world has gone to all Test playing nations and has not been able to score runs at this pace against them. Sachin has scored in his home against 10 countries playing all the tests and scored more than 40 average.

None of the world's batsmen have been able to do this feat. Even Sunil Gavaskar and Rahul Dravid did not even make these records.

Test batting averages in all Tendulkar's countries

Australia 53.20

Bangladesh 136.66

England 54.31

New zealand 49.52

Pakistan 40.25

Africa 46.44

Sri Lanka 67.94

West Indies 47.69

Zimbabwe 40.00

India 52.67

If we talk about Sunil Gavaskar and Rahul Dravid, then their averages have been good, but they have scored very few runs in South Africa and Sri Lanka. In Africa, Dravid scored 29 runs in an average of 33 in Sri Lanka. At the same time, Gavaskar has scored runs in Sri Lanka with an average of 37.20.

Interestingly, Sachin Tendulkar scored runs in Test matches at an average of 53.78. At the same time he scored runs overseas with an average of 54.74. That is, he spoke out loudly in his bat abroad.

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