Do You know How Rupee Depreciation Will Affect Your Budget?


The fall of rupees will fall on the common man’s pocket, the direct impact, know how

From the fall in rupees against the dollar, companies making mobile phone manufacturers and durable consumer goods worried. In such a situation, these companies can increase their product prices in the coming time. Concerned over rising costs, companies can increase the mobile phone prices in the next few days. At the same time, companies producing durable consumer goods are also making a mood to increase prices before the festive season begins.

Dollars more likely to be stronger

Nidhi Markandey, director of Intex Technologies (India), said, “We are keeping an eye on market activities with strong dollar in the dollar. The dollar is likely to be even stronger. This will increase the cost of mobile phones. If this happens, the price of the phone¬† increased. Comio India CEO and Director Sanjay Kelirona said that due to the increase in raw material costs, the Indian mobile market is already under pressure. We are operating in very low margins. Dollars firmly pressurized.

Some relief from import shortage

Pankaj Mahindru, chairman of the India Cellular and Electronics Association, said that there is some relief from the shortage of fully prepared units (CBU) because most of the work is done at the local level. This will raise the challenge for the beginner, cheap phone variant. Soni, Panasonic and Godrej said that they are closely monitoring the move of the rupee as the rupee has reached record low of 70.32 rupees against the dollar to the lowest level. The decline in rupee has increased the import bill. Last month, companies had announced an increase in the price of TVs for 32 inches and more due to the fall in the rupee.

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