Karnataka elections: Three richest MLAs of Congress, with assets of 1015 crores, are on top


Meet top three richest candidates in fray in Karnataka

The drama started only after the counting of votes in Karnataka is not visible now. After about 48 hours of political ups and downs, finally the BJP has become the government in the state. BJP's BS Yeddyurappa took charge of the CM post today and took over the chair. Meanwhile, the latest report of the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) - Election Watch over newly-elected MLAs has surprised everyone.

ADR has reviewed the affidavits of newly elected MLAs in Karnataka and released the report. It has been claimed in the report that 97 percent of the newly elected MLAs are MLAs millionaires. Congress has three legislators on top of the list of the richest legislators.

These are the richest legislators

According to the report, M Nagaraj, who won the election from Hoskote, is at number one with an asset of Rs 1015 crore. Following this, DK Shivkumar, owner of property worth Rs 840 crore, is second in the list of rich legislators. He has won from Kanakpura seat. Talk to Karnataka's third richest legislator, this is the Congress that has done the same thing. This place has Suresh BS. He has stated in the affidavit that he has total assets of Rs. 416 crores.

99% of Congress MLAs millionaires

If the report says that 97 percent of the newly elected MLAs of Karnataka are MLAs millionaires. Accordingly, the average assets of every legislator is 35 crores. In a report of the NDTV, quoting ADR's report, it has also been claimed that 99 percent of Congress's newly elected MLAs are crorepatis. In which every MLA's average property is 60 crores.

BJP 98% MLA Millionaire

At the same time, talk about the BJP's newly-elected millionaire legislators, it is one step behind the Congress that is at 98 percent. Whereas the average assets of these MLAs is 17 crores. The richest BJP MLA in the list is Uday B Gurudachar. Their assets are 196 million.

Jds ​​at number three

In the JDS, 95 percent newly elected MLAs are crorepatis. According to the report, JDS Chairman HD Kumaraswamy has assets worth Rs 167 crores.

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