Interesting Facts And Information About Rats


"Rats are recognised as the vehicle of Lord Ganesh in Indian tradition"

  • World Rat Day is celebrated on April 4th worldwide.
  • The Romans consider the rat auspicious.
  • Compared with rat camels, it can remain alive for more days without water.
  • The rats' eyes are weak and they can not even recognize these colors, But the memory of rats is very fast, never forgetting the path that you remember once.
  • Rat is the ride of Lord Ganesha, temple of Karani Mata in India. There are many mats here, this temple is dedicated to rats. Rituals are also worshiped in this temple.
  • A rat lasts only about two years and if it is properly treated then it can survive for up to 5 years.
  • The rat's heartbeat is 330 to 480 per minute, while humans have between 60 and 70.
  • Mice eat most of the cloth and grains and eat it.

Rats make “laughter” sounds :

  • When the mice are happy, they rub each other's teeth so that the strange sound comes out and the eyes also smile.
  • Mice often like being in their group, when alone they are depressed and scared.
  • The rat's gestation period is between 21 and 24 days, a chameleon gives birth to 5 to 8 children during their pregnancy.
  • After three months of birth, the rat gets ready for reproduction.
  • The genes for raising progeny in rat are more than humans.
  • The rat ruins more than the grains eat, thousands of tons of grains are wasted every day by rats.
  • There are risks of spreading various types of diseases from rats.
  • Apart from this, the mouse has also traveled for the first time on February 22, 1961, a mouse was sent to space.

Rats are extremely social animal :

  • The largest rat till now was 3 feet long and 1.4 kilograms from nose to tail.
  • Cat is the mouse's biggest enemy.
  • To control the growing population of aggressive rats, Mongoos were sent to the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Mice eat almost anything, they like to eat meat, cereals, seeds, fruits and vegetables.
  • When the rats are happy or are playing, they raise a cheerful voice which is similar to a laugh.
  • Rats of Norway are large and aggressive. They fight with each other and sometimes even attack humans.
  • Rats do not have close vision, so they rely on their mustache to explain the surrounding environment.
  • The teeth of rats are very fast, which continue to grow, they chew the wood to keep teeth tight and sharp.
  • Rats love being with humansRats are very clean animals, - more clean than cats.
  • Rats are a little bold and they were one of the first animals to travel to outer space.
  • Mice are very good swimmers, and most of them really enjoy it!.
  • The extent of rats in Iran was so large that sniper was deployed to counter the cat-shaped rats.
  • Rats experience feelings of regret like humans.

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