Box Office Collection Simmba: Ranveer’s Targets for 250 crores


Box Office Collection Simmba: Ranveer’s Targets for 250 crores

Ranveer Singh Simmba incarnation is shadowed on everyone’s heart and mind these days. It is such that in the first 5 days the film touched a golden figure of 100 crores. So right now within a week, the film has recorded the bursting figure at the box office. But the pace of ” Simmba ” is not going to stop here because this weekend it is expected to break many records from the film.

Here’s What happend

Ranvir Singh’s movie “Simmba” is making a record one after another. Within seven days, the film has earned Rs. 150.81 crore. On the same day, the film had crossed the 139 million mark. Accordingly, the second weekend of the film is estimated to be 200 million touches. So the expectations of the trade analyst are more than anything else.

Although there is no release of any film this week, it can prove to be a beneficial deal for ” Simmba “. This weekend is also going to be a one-sided state of the film on the theatres. Now before next release of “Thackeray”, there is no competition in front of this film.

In this regard, it is not difficult for Rohit Shetty to make an action film in 7 days. It can be assumed that the film will soon touch the figure of 200 crores. That is why trade analyst Taran Adhash feels that the film can earn up to 250 crores in the coming weeks.

According to Taran Adarsh, Simmba had earned 20.72 crore on Friday, 23.33 crore on Saturday, Rs 31.06 crore on Sunday, Rs 21.24 crore on Monday and Tuesday 28 January 2011, ie on January 1, 28.19 crore, on January 2, 14.49 crore and Wednesday, January 3, 11.78

At the same time, the international earnings of “Simmba” is not less. From the international market, the government has earned a total of 58.62 crore rupees (Indian Rupees). Accordingly, “Simmba” has reached 200 million touches but only see “Simmba” at the India box office only when it knocks 200 crores.

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