chief justice of india ranjan gogoi issues new roster in supreme court

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi made the change in the roster after assuming the office, said, “I am strict, I will be strict.”

Justice Ranjan Gogoi was sworn in as the 46th Chief Justice of India (CJI) on Wednesday. After this he took over his role. The new CJI has taken many important steps on the very first day of his tenure, in which he dismissed the petition related to the election reform and made changes in the roster. Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi has issued the new roster of the Supreme Court as soon as he has taken charge.

According to the new roster, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi will hear all the cases related to PILs themselves. Apart from this, Justice Madan B Lokur will also be able to hear the PIL. They will go to the Public Hearing for the hearing which will be decided by the Chief Justice, Justice Lokur. The new roster is designed according to the category of lawsuits.

Accordingly, the Chief Justice will listen to petitions of the petition, the petition related to the petition, the petition related to the contempt of the court, the appointment of social justice, criminal cases and constitutional posts. If these cases have to be sent to another bench, the Chief Justice will decide on this too.

CJI said that there will be an urgent hearing on such cases being hanged, homeless from the house. He said that, unless certain criteria are decided, the urgent mention of cases will not be allowed. They said, we will decide the criteria, after that we will see how the cases will be mentioned. If someone is being hanged tomorrow (next day) or it is being taken out of the house then we can understand (urgency).

Chief Justice said that I have been told that I am strict, but I will be like that.


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