Ramesh Babu: Success is Where Preparation &amp Opportunity Meet

Ramesh Babu

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success”

Ramesh Babu, a barber who had bought Rolls Royce. Ramesh Babu is a barber who becomes a crorepati. Like a hairdresser, he also shaped his own variety and succeeded by passing through difficulties and taking himself up to the height. 42-year-old Ramesh Babu, a resident of Bangalore, who built a business empire of crores of rupees on the strength of his honest, hard work, humility and foresight.

Since he could not run the barber shop himself, he picked up the shop for rent at 5 rupees daily. Ramesh Babu explains that, “We have just grown up eating a time meal.”

As Ramesh Babu grew up, he started feeling that now he should leave his studies and leave his mother’s hand…. But after mother’s insistence, he continued his studies after doing Rakhi and Inter (12th) and did a Diploma in Electronics. During all this, his father’s shop was still running a nominal rental. In 1989, Ramesh Babu decided that he would now run this shop himself and start working in the shop started by his ancestors.

The shop started well with his hard work and now he started to save his family as well as save some money. Ramesh bought a Maruti car in 1994, saving a little bit of money. Since 2004, he started the car rental business, initially he had a total of 7 cars. In 2014, they had a total of 200 cars. At the same time, he also has 75 rich specialty cars, including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, as well as five and ten Sitter car.

Since 1994, I started paying attention to car hire in a serious way. My first company that I had hired was Intel, because at that time Nandini Akka was working there which helped me. And later I’m sure to get more in the group of my cars. By 2004, I had only more than 5 to 6 years.

I have never given Barber’s business a higher priority. My barber’s business was not going to be anything special because the competition was very high at that time. At that time everyone had a small car. That is why I decided to take huge wealthy and comfortable ways because this was not the case with many people in India.

When he bought his first rich and comfortable car in 2004, everyone had told him that he was going to make a lot of big mistake. In 2004, he had given Rs 14 lakh for a prosperous and comfortable car and it was very much for him at that time, according to that time it was a huge deal. He did not have complete confidence in himself at that time but Ramesh Babu decided to take risks. He himself said that if I fail, I will sell my rich car. But consequently, taking risks proved to be right for them, the benefit of this happened in the future. At that time there was no other car hire company to hire rich and comfortable cars. Some of them had a rich and comfortable curve but they were old enough.

At that time, he was the first person in Bangalore who had invested in new rich and comfortable cars, and this decision of Ramesh Babu proved to be the most correct for him.

Ramesh Babu’s client’s list increased since the introduction of the luxury taxi service. Bollywood celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Shahrukh Khan are also included in their client list. Despite being a millionaire businessman today, Ramesh Babu is associated with his roots. Even today, he has not left the job of his ancestral barber. Even today, he goes to his father’s salon ‘inner space’ for two hours and cuts his hair. Ramesh Babu’s next target is to increase his business in other cities.

He says that his success is the only formula, “hard work and honesty”

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