Shiv Sena: PM Modi’s Ayodhya Remark Means “Lord Ram Isn’t Bigger Than The Law”

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Shiv Sena: PM Modi’s Ayodhya Remark Means “Lord Ram Isn’t Bigger Than The Law”

On the television interview of Narendra Modi, Shiv Sena questioned through his mouthpiece affair whether the public got the answers to his questions? The article says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a powerful interview to the same TV channel. It was said that counting interview was 95 minutes. After the interview of Prime Minister after a long gap, ‘the discussion will be there’. The discussion continues in the same way. Prime Minister Modi should do a press conference and answer questions, that was such a demand.

Further in the article, PM Modi broadcasted and broadcasted the same TV channel. The Prime Minister has answered the questions of the people’s mind, such a publicity has started. She is wrong. They talked about the Ram temple, the note-taking, the upcoming general elections, etc. But what about the questions of the people’s mind?

Shiv Sena says that these days the Ram temple issue is in discussion.

It was expected that Modi will make an important announcement about the temple and will eliminate Lord Shriram’s exile in Ayodhya, but Modi has adopted a very opposite policy. Remove the Ordinance for Ram Mandir; Such demand was done by the Sena, including the RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Modi has turned it down. Modi said, anything will happen but I will not bring the ordinance. Ram temple issue is in the Supreme Court. The ordinance will be considered only after the decision by the Supreme Court. Modi made it clear that it was good and that for the first time in the last 4-5 years he has spoken the truth. Ram temple is not a matter of priority for them.

Further in the article, “PM has to take several other topics forward. Rama got power in the name of Ram and even though the rule of law came to him, Ram ji is not bigger than law, he said so. The question is, when will the Ram Temple be built in the majority rule of Modi, when will it be? The issue of Ayodhya is in the Supreme Court and it is from the Congress rule. The result will have to be accepted by all including the Congress. Therefore no one should try to take credit for the court decision. The hearing of the Ram temple will begin this month. But the matter is to build a Ram temple before the Lok Sabha elections of 2019 and to bring an ordinance for it. Modi is not ready for this.

BJP and Sangh Parivar will have to apologize to the country

Modi has set up a huge and global height image of Sardar Patel in Gujarat but he did not show Sardar’s courage on the matter of temple. It will be recorded on the pages of history. The Ram temple will see later, the first election will be fought, such a strategy is seen. What is the BJP’s Ram devotee and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad? Before the year 2019, Ram temple will not be built if it will be betrayed by the country and for that BJP will have to apologize to the Sangh Parivar for the country.

The Ram Mandir movement started in 1991-92. Hundreds of workers were killed in it. Then whom did the Hindu carnage for whom? Hundreds of Hindu activists were killed in the Ram Mandir agitation, along with riots in other places in the country including Mumbai, and there was a big massacre on both sides. Hundreds of people were killed in a series of bomb blasts in Mumbai to revenge for it. After the judicial process was to decide the Ram temple, then why was it done for bloodshed and massacre? Its responsibility is whether the BJP or the Sangh Parivar is now the recipient? The way the Congress has apologized to the Sikh massacre, apologize for the Hindu massacre, if you say such a thing, then you have to understand the feelings. Ram temple was just an election affair and in the next election, it will remain the same, it is now fixed. Modi has said this truth, so the confusion has gone away. Modi has taken note of the ban on the ban.

Note ban was not a shock but a hangover

Shiv Sena has said through its article that there was no ceasefire jerk. One year ago, he had warned the public, so said Modi. Now who are these people? The bank was standing in line and due to the lack of employment, the person who was killed was not the public? The black money of the rich was easily white and there was nothing in the hands of the Modi government. Bringing the black money abroad to the country and promised to deposit 15 lakh rupees in public bank accounts. Sir! What happened about that? The truth is that there was no ceasefire, but it was a public hanging for the public.

PM’s interview was similar to the usual speeches

The Prime Minister answered the round-trip about Pakistan. Pakistan is not going to improve with a surgical strike, despite knowing this, the public made Modi the Prime Minister. The Ram Temple and Pakistan were the two main issues that the BJP won, and Modi became the Prime Minister but the munger came in the hands of the people. The next election was made by the public like Maha Awghari. Then in 2014 did they vote by the people of Pakistan and Iran? And the voters who defeated the BJP in 5 states were not the people of this country? The storm of Prime Minister Modi’s interview, the tea cup has proved to be a storm. The prime minister appeared in a defensive role and the interview was also similar to the usual speeches. The worry of 2019 was clearly visible on his face and with his feelings. This is the truth. The interview would be tremendous, it was felt. But that did not happen. Interview stopped. The Prime Minister was interviewed, so will it!

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