NRC issue: Ram Madhav for deletion of foreigners from voters list

Ram Madhav

Those who do not have the name in the NRC sent back to their country BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said on Monday that the franchise of people not included in the final list of National Civil Register (NRC) in Assam stripped and they sent back to their country. Meanwhile, BJP’s leader and Assam Chief Minister Sarvand Sonowal said that NRC implemented all over India.

While addressing a seminar on ‘NRC: Defending the Borders, Securing the Culture’, Sonowal said that India’s deserving citizens¬† given enough opportunities to prove their citizenship and to include their names in the final list of NRC.

In the seminar organized by the think tank of ‘Rambhau Mhalagi Prabodhini’, Sonowal said, “NRC implemented in all states. It is a document that can protect all Indians. People not included in NRC in Assam can go to other states. That is why we have to take concrete steps. ”

People excluded from final list of NRC will be disenfranchised and deported, says Ram Madhav

In the draft list published on July 30, the NRC updated on the order of the Supreme Court to identify the real Indian citizens living in Assam, the names of more than 4 million people not included in the draft list, resulting in political dispute.

In the seminar, Madhav said that NRC updated under the ‘Assam Accord’ in 1985, under which the government had expressed its commitment to detect all the illegal migrants from the state and expel them out of the country.

He said, “NRC will be able to identify the identity of all illegal migrants. The next step to ‘erase’, that is, the names of illegal migrants¬† removed from the voters’ list and they will be denied all government benefits. In the next phase, illegal immigrants taken out of the country. ”

Targeting the situation of facing the international criticism of India when the illegal expatriates expelled from the country, Madhav said that Bangladesh also actively communicating with Myanmar so that millions of Rohingya people should evacuated from there. Could After being victim of atrocities in Myanm, millions of Rohingya Muslims have taken shelter in Bangladesh. Madhav said that no country in the world does not tolerate illegal immigrants, but India has become “Dharamshala” for the illegal migrants due to political reasons.

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