congress election strategies in mp and rajasthan elections 2018

CongressMP: Congress CM faces no tickets, will this be the strategy in Rajasthan?

Congress high command will not give ticket to the claimants of Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. This decision of the party is considered far-reaching as it is being said that the party has taken this tough decision due to the fear of mutual pulls. If the Chief Minister’s claimant Jyotiraditya Scindia, Kamal Nath and others do not get the ticket, then it is clear that this time elections are very interesting. The strategy that the Congress, stuck in factionalism, has started from Madhya Pradesh, that strategy can be seen in other states too.

In Rajasthan, the party will adopt the same policy?

The big question is whether the Congress high command is going to adopt a formula in Madhya Pradesh in Rajasthan too. even the leaders of Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot, along with CP Joshi and Bhanwar Jitendra Singh,  given the responsibility of winning the party by not giving tickets to the party. Its not possible for a single leader to given a ticket and the rest denied. That is why party leaders believe that this formula not be applicable in Rajasthan, and if applicable, then the tickets of all the big leaders will come in its jade.

What is the status of Rajasthan?

The state of Rajasthan is also not very pleasant for the party. Although the anti-incumbency wave is the pride of the Congress workers but the path is not easy due to factionalism. Rahul Gandhi himself has accepted several times from the forum that there is no harm between senior party leaders. In Rajasthan, the tales of confusion between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot resonate in the PCC office.

Confusion between workers

For these reasons, Congress workers of Rajasthan in the dilemma that they win from the BJP, but how they overcome by their leaders. Although Gehlot and the pilot are not leaving any stone unturned in “unity”, they are not taking the name of the end of the tales of both of them in the room.

It is a common discussion between the workers and the leaders at the mouth of the elections that if the party comes to power then who will be the Chief Minister of Pilot and Gehlot?

Try to find the way

Strategists believe that it is good for the high command that after explaining to these issues, keeping the leaders away from contesting the elections on the lines of Madhya Pradesh. This strategy of the party effective because it not cut aside from one side and on the other hand if the worker not confused then more focus on the electoral battle.

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