Rafale aircraft deal: SC seeks details of decision-making process

Rafale aircraft deal

Supreme Court said – Government told how to deal with Rafale aircraft?

The hearings were heard in the Supreme Court on Wednesday about the demand for a Rafale aircraft deal to reveal the fighter plane Rafael between India and France. In this case, two petitioners have appealed that the government should expose the prices of the Rafael aircraft in this deal. The third petitioner, Tahsin Poonawala, withdrew his petition just before the hearing.

Explain that the court has not asked the government to disclose the prices of Raphael or provide technical information. The court has sought information on the deal process. The Supreme Court has not given a formal order to the central government, but the Attorney General has asked to provide information in the sealed envelope.

What happened in the Supreme Court Rafale aircraft deal ?

The Supreme Court has asked the government to explain how it has done the Rafael Deal. The court has told the government that till October 29, they have provided the process of getting the deal. The next hearing of the matter will be on October 31.

The Chief Justice asked the Attorney General to tell the government that the court should be informed about how to deal with Rafael. Let us make it clear that we have not taken cognizance of the allegations made in the petition. This order is only to ensure that proper procedure has been followed in making the decision. We are not asking about the price of Raphael or its utility for the Air Force.

On this, the Attorney General said that there is a protocol in defense deals. It can be told.

On this, the Chief Justice asked that if we ask for information about the process of taking decisions without taking the information of the deal, can you provide it?

The attorney general said that the national security related Jawl was asked in parliament, whose information can not be given.

The attorney general said that this is a matter of national security. 40 questions asked in Parliament. He said that this is not a public interest petition, but a petition for political gain at the time of elections. This is not a matter of judicial review. The international agreement not interfered.

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that you remain firm on what you wrote in your petition. We will not listen to this matter.

He said that this deal done by the heads of governments. All its information should come out.

Dhanda said that the government is not saying that the cost of Rafale jet included in the cost of arms and its maintenance.

On this, the Supreme Court asked Dhanda, in relation to what your petition is about.

Advocate Vinit Dhanda has said that everything should come before the court.

Advocate ML Sharma has said that this is a violation of the law and corruption. This is also a violation of the Vienna Convention. There are international treaties against corruption and the country can cancel agreements accusing corruption.

He said that according to the 2012 agreement, Rafael’s original value presented to the French Parliament was 71 million euros. The annual report of the Dasu also mentions the ‘actual price’ of the aircraft.

Sharma referred to the Vienna Convention in connection with the India-France Treaty. Referring to the original document presented in France Parliament, Rafael’s original and original price claimed 71 million. The government charged $ 206 million of corruption. Tender between 2006 and 2008

What is the petition of the petitioners?

The case heard by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi of the country. In this case, lawyer Manohar Lal and Vineet Dhanda are the petitioners. Advocate Vineet Dhanda filed a petition, demanding that the agreement between France and India finally made public. Apart from this, it demanded that Rafael’s real value also told to all. The previous hearing postponed due to the poor health of the petitioner.

The country’s main opposition party Congress has been accusing the government of irregularities in this matter. However, the government advocating that prices of Raphael aircraft not disclosed in view of national security.

What are the allegations of Congress?

Rahul Gandhi and the Congress accusing the past several months that the deal that Modi government bought for buying 36 Rafael fighter aircraft from the French company, the value of which agreed by the price of the aircraft in the previous UPA government. There is a lot more than that. This has caused a loss of thousands of crores to the public exchequer. The party has also claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the deal and given the contract to HAL, and given to Reliance Defense.

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