PUBG India 2019: Winner will get 1 Crore prize, get register Today

PUBG India

PUBG India 2019: Winner will get 1 Crore prize, get register Today

If you are fond of playing mobile games then this news will surely make you happy. Tensent Games and PUBG Corporation, the manufacturer of mobile game Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG), has announced ‘PUBG Mobile India Series 2019’, the biggest e-sport tournament in the year 2019. This is the first official open-to-all tournament to be held in India. Pubg’s popularity can be estimate from that it has so far downloaded more than 200 million people.

No registration fee

According to the official webpage of the tournament, the winner of the game will be given a prize of Rs. 1 crore and there is no registration fee for this. Even before that the company has organize the campus championship, it is the second e-sport tournament to be organized by the company. Only the college and university students could play the campus championship. While anybody can take part in India Series 2019.

Important information about PUBG India Series 2019

Registration for PUBG India Series 2019 has already begun. You can also register till January 23. To get it registered, the player must be at Level 20. These game qualifiers will be between January 21 and January 28, 2019. For the online playoff, the company has fixed the date for February 9 to February 24. The game’s Grand Finale will be on March 10.

How to Get Register

– First of all go to the official registration page of PUBG Mobile India 2019.

– Go to ‘Registration Now’ and complete the registration process.

– After the registration process is complete, you can join Squad with the help of Squad ID or Invite others to create new Squid.

Tournament format

The player must first play 15 matches. Of these, 10 best matches will be consigne to the selection process. The result will be base on the kilts and finishing position. Once the team clears the qualifiers then they will have to play ‘online play-off’. Based on the online play-off, the Top 20 team will be sent to Grand Finale.

In addition to giving a prize money of Rs 1 crore to the winning player who participated in this tournament, the Oppo sponsored phone can also win. Last year, more than two and a half million registrations were receive within three weeks from the campus championships in more than 1000 colleges in 30 cities.

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