Psychological facts about human life

human life

“The real miracle in human life is having emotions, being able to feel things”

  • If you keep on telling your goals everyone, then there is less chance that you can succeed. Tests show that doing this reduces motivation to work.
  • The last person who comes to your mind before sleeping is the reason for your happiness or sadness.
  • If you have not slept properly then make yourself a believer that you have slept well. After some time you will find that the effects of not getting enough sleep have diminished.
  • Money can bring happiness in your life to a great extent. But research suggests that after getting more than 15 million annual money, the money does not make any significant increase in your happiness.
  • Spending money on others, spending money on yourself makes you feel better.
  • Most intelligent people tend to underestimate themselves while often ignorants consider themselves as perfect.


90% people write words that they can never say in front of the message.

  • Most of the stress patients are between 18 and 33 years. After 33, the stress level starts decreasing.
  • Some of us are afraid to be very happy because they feel that something bad will happen.
  • 70% of the day’s time our brain is replaying past events or hoping for the success of an upcoming event.
  • Nowadays, level of stress in high school children is equal to 50-year-old mental patients.
  • The tears of happiness first come from the eye on the right and tears of sorrow pains begin to come out of the left eye first.
  • When you are bachelor you get married people are more happy and after marriage, you are more happy with the bachelors.
  • 80% people listen to music to run away from the negative things of their lives.

Those who want more sleep than they need to sleep more.

  • Those who are quick to understand the degradation, they often master their brains.
  • The answer to any unrealistic question is a symptom of a healthy mind.
  • Your thoughts on every cell of the body have an effect. Negative thinking reduces immune system and makes you sick.
  • Those who spend more time in sunlight have less stress, depression.
  • Those who lack self-esteem often take many shortcomings from others.
  • The great men of lies are also quick to catch others’ lies.
  • When weary, people respond more honestly.
  • Busy people are more happy because they do not give them time to think about the negative aspects of life.
  • More tension can stop your brain for some time.


92% people just laugh when they do not understand the front thing.

  • According to the study: The smart people talk more about themselves.
  • In the morning instead of a cup of tea, a glass of cold water opens your sleep fast.
  • People sleeping with socks wake up very often or do not wake up at night.
  • If someone stares at you, then you realize yourself, even if you are in sleep.
  • The most commonly used password in the world is 123456.
  • 85% people think before they sleep that they want to do in their life.
  • People who are happy, spend more money on troubled.
  • There is so much iron in our body that it can be made of 1 inch long nail.

You will never remember where your dream started.

  • The human brain has 80% water.
  • Man’s blood can be stored for 21 days.
  • Like finger prints, the marks of a human tongue are also different.
  • There is so much storage capacity of the human brain that more than five times the information on Wikipedia can save the mind.
  • There is no smell in sweat, odor is due to the bacteria present on the body.
  • In the morning we are 1 inch longer than the evening.

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