priyanka chopra and nick jonas reach together in pre engagement party

engagement party

Seeing Priyanka chopra and Nick in Akash Ambani’s engagement party , it seems like ‘Hussband-Wife’

Industrialist Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani’s eldest sons Akash Ambani, Shloka Mehta, will soon be engagement party in marriage bonds. Many preparations have been made to make the marriage special. On June 28, his pre-arrangement ceremonies were organized in Antilla. In this serame, the Bollywood emperor Shah Rukh Khan, wife of Gauri Khan, came to rest. Along with this, many stars including Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar, Ranbir Kapoor, attended the engagement party .

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Get Together engagement party

There were many stars in this movie, but all the attention was drawn and Bollywood’s Desi Girl, i.e. Priyanka Chopra. In Ambani’s party, Priyanka Chopra reached with Thamkar with Nick Jonas. Both stars seemed to see it as if a couple were pausing. In the party Priyanka Chopra looked like a native of her title. Priyanka wore a red sari, in which she looked beautiful.

At the same time, Nick Jonas appeared in blue coat-pants. Not only this, Priyanka got posed with Nick Jonas for the first time on the media’s camera. Seeing Priyanka’s pose, she can be said to be ready to confront her relationship with the world. Earlier, this couple’s dinner date photo was revealed. During this, Nick and Priyanka each other looked at each other.

Priyanka saw wearing dress dresses on this dinner date. While Nick is seen in white shirts and trousers here. The photo of Priyanka and Nick’s hand in hand was viral on the social media. It was only a few days back news that Priyanka and Nick went to Goa to celebrate Holi, during which some close friends of Priyanka were present. By the way, Priyanka and Nick have signed an agreement with Nick in the Ambani party’s party and it is being speculated that both of them are bound to get married in the marriage soon.

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