Puducherry Awaits To Listen To Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi Visits Aurobindo Ashram In Puducherry

Narendra Modi reached Puducherry for the first time on Sunday after becoming the Prime Minister. Here, Modi paid tribute to him in the ashram of spiritual guru, Sri Aurobindo. After this, Modi said at a rally that this is a city of divine people. Puducherry has no shortage of resources, but still its development has dwindled. Attacking the Congress, the PM said that a family ruled the country for 48 years, the government operated with a remote control for the last 10 years. Our government will complete 48 months in May, compare them with 48 years for development. You will know what you lost.

Modi asked- Why are we behind the other countries?

PM Modi said in the rally, "I have come to Puducherry for a long time. This is the city of divine people. I feel very fortunate today."

"Puducherry has all the resources and will power, but still so far the development has not come on the right path? Why is not this number 1? Are there women and youth getting opportunities to move forward? Is the industry going to be extended? The parties which ruled here never did justice to Puducherry."

"We got freedom in 1947. We could not match the rest of the world in the case of development which had become independent with us. Today, we have to ask ourselves, where is the lack of political culture? Why did we stay behind from other countries? "

A family drove the government for a 10-year remot

Attacking the Congress, Modi said, "Our first Prime Minister (Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru) has been in power for 17 years. Then his daughter (Indira Gandhi) ran the government for 14 years, later her son (Rajiv Gandhi) was the Prime Minister for 5 years. You must have seen how a family ran through the remote control till the last 10 years (2004 to 2014)."

Comparison of Congress 48 years of business with 48 months

Modi said, "A family ruled the country for 48 years. Our government will complete 48 months in May. You compare what you lost in the last 48 years and how much you found in our 48 months. Our 48-month government and their business of 48 years! When compared, you should see how the common man benefited from the development."

"I want to congratulate Puducherry Chief Minister Narayana Sami, because after June, Congress is going to become a sampling in a way."

What did Modi say in Auroville?

Narendra Modi also joined the Golden Jubilee Program of Auroville International City after Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Meet with children from Aurobindo International School.

In Aurovil, Modi said, "The views of Shri Aurobindo Ghosh are still very important to us today. We have seen many forms in his character as well as being a philosopher and poet. It was all devoted to the promotion of nation and society."

"Aurovil has separated women, men, youth and the elderly from their borders and identity. In India, religion and cultures of other countries were always preferred. India is the originator of the ancient Gurukul tradition, where learning is not limited to classrooms only. Auroville is also made in such a way, here too, the person is given impetus education."

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