pregnancy in women will be easier now the success rate of new technology is 71 percent

PregnancyPregnancy in women will be easier now, the success rate of new technology is 71 percent


IUI is a technique by which the woman¬†Pregnancy is conceived in artificial manner. Although the new IUI technology is more successful, it is cheaper than the old technology. This is said by Dr. Geeta Saraf, Director of Nutech Medieval. He said that the success rate of IUI’s first attempt in the world was 10-15 per cent. While the success rate of new IUI technology has gone up to 71 percent.

Dr. Geeta said, “This question is very important that when a woman is not able to become a mother after marriage and why. In today’s changing metropolitan lifestyle, pollution and stress along with changing social and practical beliefs have given many problems to the metropolis. It is a lifestyle lifestyle that the problem of infertility is increasing in women. In fact, the fact is that today the population of the test range is increasing rapidly in the areas around Delhi.

How to Get Pregnancy with the New Technology

According to Dr. Geeta, “so many dozen infants have been given birth to this new IUI technique. In fact, our social thinking is changing very much today. People are advancing towards new and effective techniques of generating baby by artificial method of not having a baby naturally. It is also possible today that men who do not have sperm in the semen (semen), their sperm can be obtained directly from Tessa. In this way it is possible for men with insufficient sperm to become father ‘.

He said, ‘High pollution, stress and poor eating habits are the main reasons for increasing infertility. For this reason, the reproductive capacity of the men is constantly decreasing. People who use drugs and chemotherapy and radiotherapy also have the ability to reproduce. Due to stress, physical imbalance in women, desire for late pregnancy, as well as smoking and drinking are also responsible for decreasing fertility. ‘

According to Dr. Geeta, in the IUI, the sperm of husband or donor directly set up in the womb of a woman, whereas in the test tube baby, the embryo usually kept back in the womb after two days or four hours after the release of the egg. Incubators used for this. The success rate of its first attempt is between 18 to 22 percent.

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