In the new year you will get pure food, these products that make the product ‘poisonous’ will be banned


In the new year you will get pure food, these products that make the product ‘poisonous’ will be banned

The accuracy of any food product you are eating depends on how it is packing it. According to a survey of Food Safety Standards Authority of India, packing of many products is not correct. There are hazardous chemicals in 80 percent color packs, 59 percent black caribags, and 24 percent aluminum-coated disposable containers. This chemical is dangerous for our health. But in the new year these things can be freed. Dew, organic food from January 1 in the new year. New rules have been implemented on labeling and certification of food products like honey, gram, pulses etc. These are 28 Standards that were prepared in 2018.

What will be the main changes?

Multilayer packing

The new rules clearly state what things will be use for packaging. Also, new multi-layer packaging be arrang so that the food items cannot be directly packaged. Apart from this, Printing Ink will also be give special care to take care of health. It is wrong to pack anything from a paper in a newspaper or any type of paper. Under the new rule, cheap and poor quality products not to be use in packing. Mineral water or packaged drying water transperant can be pack in the colorless box only.

Recycling plastic to be use

According to the existing rules, aluminum, copper, plastic and tin can be use for packaging, but now things that hurt the body in packaging of food items can not be use. Now the wrapper or compartment will pack your food, whether it contains harmful elements or not. Also recycled will not be use in plastic packing.

Food packaging will divided into three parts

BIS now had the rules of packaging. But now FSSAI rules will be mandatory. These three parts will be packaging, labeling and claim and advertisements. Those who break these three rules will take action.

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