News agency website crashed to see PM Modi interview

PM Modi Interview

News agency website crashed to see PM Modi Interview

On the first day of the year 2019, the news agency interviewed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had crashed due to traffic increase. The agency has provided information from its Twitter handle that the ANI website experienced heavy traffic, resulting in an outage. Sorry for the inconvenience. The website has been reopened.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a 95-minute long-term interview to Smita Prakash, editor of News Agency ANI. In this, a lot of questions were asked from PM on various issues.

PM Modi’s big statement on Ram temple, ‘Ordinance decided after legal process is complete’

Prime Minister Modi made it clear that the Ordinance on Ram Temple will be considered only when the judicial process is completed. He also said that the judicial process is so slow because the Congress attorneys are obstructing the Supreme Court. We have said in our party’s manifesto that an attempt will be made to resolve this issue on the issue of the constitution.

On the issue of three divorces. PM Modi said, “Ordinance on three divorces was brought after Supreme Court’s decision. PM Modi, who sought evidence on surgical strikes, said the verdict was quite risky. Earlier on the issue of RBI vs Government, PM Modi said, “Former RBI governor Urjit Patel had himself offered to resign.”

PM Modi said in the first interview of 2019- decision-making decision was not taken suddenly

On the issue of RBI vs Government, PM Modi said, “Former RBI governor Urjit Patel had offered himself to resign, Urjit did a good job as RBI governor, he wanted to resign from the last 6-7 months. . ‘ On the issue of the ban on bondage, said, “The ban on bondage is not a shock for the public. It was not a decision taken suddenly. A year ago, people who were blackmailed were warned. ”

Targeting the Congress, PM Modi said, “Those who were running the country for four generations. They are on bail today.The family courts are hiding the truth of bail.” Prime Minister Modi warned Pakisant, “It will be a big mistake to think that Pakistan will improve with a fight, Pakistan will take more time to improve.”

BJP launches ‘Mission 123’, PM Narendra Modi visits 20 states

PM Modi said in the defeat in three states in 2018, “Elections co-ordinate many aspects.” In the Ayushman Bharat scheme, the poor can get free treatment of up to 5 lakhs, it is quite satisfying for me. India keeps crossing many heights. In Telangana and Mizoram, the BJP was not expecting power. “The result was definitely clear in Chhattisgarh but there was a fragmented mandate in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The anti-incumbency wave is due to 15 years and we have won in the local elections of Haryana. “

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