Piyush Goyal responds to Rahul Gandhi’s charge by calling him a ‘naamdaar’

Piyush Goyal

Rahul Gandhi resigns from Manga Piyush Goyal; In the tweet, the evidence is in front of everyone, but the media will not show

On Tuesday (May 1st), Congress President Rahul Gandhi, after the Congress alleged that Union Minister Piyush Goyal alleged to a "scam", said that this is a case of "counterfeit and conflict of interest" and in such cases Goyal resigns as minister must give. Significantly, the BJP  rejected the charges against Goyal. Rahul on Tuesday tweeted, "Piyush Goyal's scam of Rs 48 crores is a case of counterfeiting, conflict of interest and greed. The evidence is in front of everyone. Despite this, the media will not touch this story. "He said," Goyal should resign.


Congress leader Pawan Khera on 28th April had publicized some papers saying that while being the Power Minister, Goyal sold his company to a private corporate group for a thousand times more and did not mention it in the details of his property. The BJP has rejected his charge.

On the issue of Piyush Goyal, BJP should give a clear answer instead of talking about it: Congress

On Monday (April 30th) the Congress had said that instead of talking to the BJP about the allegations of 'Union Minister Piyush Goyal for selling his company to a private industrial group at the price of nearly one thousand times' Should answer. Congress leader Pawan Khera had told reporters, "We thought that Piyush Goyal's story would be a film, but it is a serial. This is a series in which we have to work hard. When the BJP defends Piyush Goyal, a new episode comes. There is something new in the matter everyday in this matter.

He said, "The BJP said in its statement that the company sold in July 2014, while the papers show that the shares of the company transferred on September 29, 2019. According to company law, till the company's shares transferred, the company yours. Despite this fact, why is the white lie being told? "Kheda asked," Why the company sold at such a huge price and the answer should be given to Goyal. " The assets of this company should made public.

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