Patanjali cancels plans to relaunch Kimbho app, Is it really WhatsApp competitor?


Patanjali cancels plans to relaunch Kimbho app, Is it really WhatsApp competitor?

Earlier this year, Baba Ramdev’s flagship brand Patanjali made a foray on the world of smartphone apps by launching its social messaging app- Kimbho.

And now, after failing to launch in the market not only once but twice. Patanjali has reportedly slashed its plans of re-launching the app, at least for now.

According to a report by The Print, the company first parted ways with Aditi Kamal. One who was the man behind the app, to hire a Noida-based software firm– Social Revolution Media and Research Pvt. Ltd-to develop the rejigged version for the app.

However, both of the launches- one in May and the other in August– were unsuccessful. Following which the company which decided to put a halt to its plans of bringing the app to the market once again.

“We wanted to launch a technically sound application which could promise watertight security and privacy. However, we are not satisfied with the work we have done.

We have put the idea on the backburner as we don’t want to launch halfly baked products,”. Chief executive officer and managing director of Patanjali Ayurveda, Acharya Bal Krishna, told the publication.

Krishna further said that the project has been put aside for now and that the company have no dates scheduled for its relaunch for now.

So does that mean that we might see Kimbho app hitting the Google Play Store sometime in future? May be yes, but when it does its is expected to look entirely different from the way we know it to be right now.

Notably, Patanjali launched ‘swadeshi chat app’– the Kimbho app- as a safe and secure alternate for the Facebook owned WhatsApp. The app was first to be launched on May 30.

At the time of the launch, the app featured AES encryption and gives supporte for videos, GIFs and photos along with stickers and doodles. However, it was taken down from the Google Play Store within 24 hours of its launch because of poor security features.

Then the trial version for the app with end-to-end encryption was launched on August 15. Simultaneously, an official version was said to announced to be relaunched on August 27. However, its launch was delayed as the company failed to fix the issues with the app and security.

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