packaged food stocks may give 70 return after outlook become better

Food Sector

Packaged food sector outlook is better, these 4 stocks can get returns up to 70%

Increasing awareness towards health, changing lifestyle and catering Habits, demand for packaged food products in the country got a boost. In the last few years, the use of ready to eat, packaged food products has increased the packaged food sector in the last few years. Experts say that the prospect of getting better food habits of Indians is likely to meet packaged food companies. Therefore, stocks of companies in this sector have become very attractive in terms of investment.

Packaged Food Stocks Increased by 200% in a Year

Packaged food stocks have given returns of more than 200 per cent in the past year. Among them, there were 201.66 per cent in Venkies, 52.46 per cent in Britannia Industries, 51.42 per cent in Prabhat Dairy, 35.68 per cent in Nestle India and 12.14 per cent in Favorite Breweries.

Why is growing packaged food sector

Amit Harchek, director of Index Genius Investment Advisors, said that people are confident of packaged food because of improving quality, good packaging, manufacturing on product and expiry date. Consumption of these products has increased in the urban area as well as in the rural areas.

According to Sachin Experts, market experts have changed their habit. The trend of mall culture and eating out on the weekend has increased. People no longer sit at home in the holidays. Along with increasing awareness of health among people, better quality food consolidation has increased, which benefits the packaged food companies.

Packaged Food Sector Outlook Better

Harchak says that in these days auto, pharma sector has gone into negative in the market. Investors are now betting on packaged food industries for returns. However, 15 per cent of the rally has arrived. However, increasing the domestic consumption, food-related stocks are expected to grow well.

At the same time, Sarva said that the Meteorological Department has estimated the normal monsoon in the country this year. Stocks will benefit from increased demand for packaged food products by increasing income in rural sector with normal monsoon. Therefore, there is a possibility of this growth in this sector.

Packaging Food Market to be Rs 200 lakh crore by 2020

According to Allied Market Research, by 2020 the packaged food market size will be worth 200 lakh crores (3.03 trillion dollars). This sector is growing at a CAGR of 4.5% during the Forecast Period 2015-2020.

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