Kerala: This flower blossoms once in 12 years; 8 lakh people will be deodar


Neelakurinji flower bloom begins in munnar kerela

Nilkurinji’s season is coming soon in Munnar of Kerala. Kerala Tourism expected to attract 8 lakh tourists during July to October 2018. During these months, flowers of Nilakurinji will blossom after 12 years in Munnar of Idukki district.

What is Nilkurinji?

In the local language, blue means the color and the local name of the Kurinji flower. According to a statement issued by Kerala Tourism, Nilkurinji (Strobilanthes kundhiana) often found on the western shores and blooms once in 12 years. This decade-long cycle makes it rare.

Flowers will remain open for three months

The last time this flower was feeding in 2006. In India, 46 varieties of this flower found. This is the highest number available in Munnar. After the blossom of Nilkurinji in the beginning of July, the hills will look blue for the next three months.

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Regarding the season of Nilakurinji blooming, Kerala Tourism Department Director P. Baala Kiran said, “There is no better time than Nilkurinji’s blooming to go to Munnar. In year 2017, 628,427 tourists had come to Munnar, which is 34.31 percent more than the 467,881 visitors in 2016. This year, the number of tourists in Munnar expected to increase by 79 percent. The unique lifecycle of this plant makes mountains the preferred destination for travel lovers.

According to the statement, the grand and rare Eucalyptus Thar is also found on these hills. During the blooming of Nilakurinji, tour planners and adventure clubs will organize trekking on these hills. Nearby attractions include the longest Anamudi Peak in South Asia, where the tracking system is the best in the country.

Protecting Eucalyptus Thar in the Eravikulam National Park Eraikulam National Park the main area of ​​Nilkurinji, where maximum 2750 visitors allowed every day. At flowering time flowering administration will allow 40 percent additional visitors.

It said in the statement that Munnar situated at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level and surrounded by printpooza, nallathani and kundla. This is one of the best travel destinations for India’s holiday.

Kerala Tourism also planned for every passenger who wants to get lost in the beauty of this place. District Tourism Promotion Committee of Idukki also provides tourists to explore the hills.

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