This Year Navratri Nav Durga Pujan From 10th October to 19th October 2018


Navratri 2018: Maya’s Navratri Wednesday

This year Navratri Nav Durga Pujan is inaugurated in the Chittra Nakshatra, the mother is starting from the arrival of Jagadmbe’s boat. This time, the worship of Mother Shailaputri and mother Brahmacharini will be one day after Pratipada and Dwitiya Dasam together this time. According to astrological calculations, antithesis and diabetes¬† considered on October 10. The first and the second Navaratri is on October 10. The second date is considered to be decay. That is, the worship of Shailputri and Brahmacharini Devi will be on the same day. This time there is an increase in the Panchami date. Panchami will remain on both the 13th and the 14th of October. The Panchami date is the day of the Skmmatata. By staying in Panchami for two days, worship of Mother Skanda Mata will be performed for two days.

In the year 2018, Mother Durga will be introduced by the boat and will be the mother’s release on elephant. According to Bangla Panchang, the goddess Ashvi, which will come on horseback and return on the dolly.

Ghatasthapana: just one hour two minutes

This time, there is a lot less time for the re-installation of Navratri. Due to only one hour and two minutes, the reduction established, otherwise the reduction of secondary established in place of the periphery. The auspicious time of installation will be as follows. For the first time, the decline of Navaratri is getting very little time for establishment. If you want to establish a reduction on the day of Pratipada then you will get only one hour and two minutes. Early in the morning, have to get up early and have to prepare. Muhurta was great for establishing a decline on the previous Navaratri, but due to proliferation for a short period this time there is less time for establishment.

October 10 – October 6.22 to 7.25 minutes (This time it will be the birth of the bride and the Bula, which is best for the installation of the Devi worship.

Muhurat’s timeline – one hour two minutes

Brahma Muhurt – Time from 4.39 pm to 7.25 pm is also excellent. Beginning from 7.26 am, the second date will start.

Navratri Nav Durga Pujan Another muhurat

If for any reason there is no decline from 6.22 to 7.25 minutes on the day of every day, then Abhijeet can start establishing a decrease in Muhurat from 11.36 to 12.24 hours. But this reduction establishment treated only in the secondary.

Start of the counterpart date:

9 October 2018, Tuesday 09:16

Antiquity expires: 10 Oct 2018, Wednesday 07:25

Navratri dates –

Pratipada / Dwitiya – October 10 – Mother Shailpurutri Mother Brahmacharini

Tritiya – October 11 – Mother Chandra Ghanta

Chaturthi – October 12 – Mother Kushmanda

Panchami – October 13 – Mother Skandmatata

Panchami – October 14 – Mother Skandmatata

Shashti – October 15 – Mother Katyani

Saptami – October 16 – Mother Kalratri

Ashtami – October 17 – Mother Mahagauri (Durga Ashtami)

Navami – October 18 – Mother Siddhidatri (Mahanavami)

Dashami – October 19 – Vijay Dashami (Dussehra)

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