NASA, ready to read the ‘heart’ of Mars, will send the first mission this week


NASA's first mission to study the end of Mars fly this week

The American Space Agency said this information. Using intelligent earthquake, science to measure the Earth and the use of heat insights (Insight), interior exploration is the first planetary mission to move from the West Coast of America.

Most of America's interstellar missions depart from the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida, which is located in the country's east coast. This will be the first test of Cubeset technology in deep space. It is a design that will explore new communication and shipping capabilities for future missions and insight can promote communication.

Insight released from the launch of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas Five Rocket from the Space Launch Complex-3 of the Wandenburg Air Force Base in California at 5.00am (Indian time for four to 35 minutes) on May 5. It will study the intense internal structure of Mars, how to make all the rocky houses, including the Earth and its moon.

Jim Bridgestone became NASA's 13th Administrator

Earlier on April 23, US Vice-President Mike Pence administered Jim Brideenstein as the 13th Administrator of Space Agency NASA. Republican representative from Oklahoma, Bidenstein, resigned from the House on Monday for his new role in NASA. He is the first politician to appointed NASA administrator.

Bridenstein said on Monday (April 23), "NASA presents the best of America. We lead, we find, we guide and inspire." At the Washington-based NASA headquarters, Vice President Pence administered the oath of office to Brideenstein.

During this, Pence said, "It is a matter of honor for us to come here from the President of the United States." America's space program will get a new leadership when sworn in by Jim Bridenstein. " During the swearing-in ceremony, Pence and Bridenstein spoke to NASA astronauts Scott Tingle, Drew F├╝stel and Ricky Arnold, who were present at the International Space Station.

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