MP congress and jays possible alliance stuck because of 1 seat

MP congress

MP: It not the first thing formed by the BSP, now the Congress unable to get the coalition from the other party due to only 1 seat.

Before the announcement of assembly elections, most of the congressional and BSP combinations were being planned, but this could not be done. Now the Congress is trying to combine the tribal youth Shakti (Jayes), who has penetrated the tribal area, but due to one seat the matter seems to be in sulphate.

According to the report of The Indian Express, in connection with the possible alliance, Jayas demanded from the Congress that he should quit his claim on Adivasi Bahujya Seats Kuki. The Congress has occupied this seat for the past three decades. That is why Congress is not in the mood to abandon its claim. On the other hand, Jayes is so eager for this seat because the party’s headquarters comes under this and it is considered to be a good influence here.

MP congress and jays possible alliance stuck because of 1 seat

About the possible alliance with the Congress, Dr. Hiralal, national patron of Jayase said, “Congress is negotiating with us for the pre-election alliance in Madhya Pradesh assembly elections.” Meanwhile, a leader of the Madhya Pradesh Congress On condition of anonymity, it has confirmed that the discussion is going on for Joint Coalition.

A second screw stuck in this matter, according to Congress sources, Jayas asked for 40 seats out of the 230 assembly seats, but the Congress says that the party not give such seats. Congress sources also say that when the BSP demanding nearly the same seats, Congress did not cooperate with it, now it not appropriate to give such a new seat to Jays.

Besides Dr. Hiralal, national patron of Jayas who gave a slogan ‘Tribal Government in Madhya Pradesh nowadays,’ said, “Jays mainly from Alirajpur, Ratlam, Jhabua, Dhar, Khargone, Burhanpur, Khandwa, Dewas and Barwani of western Madhya Pradesh There a candidate for assembly seats under the districts, because there a large number of tribal voters in these areas. ”

He said, “We have asked for 40 seats out of the 230 assembly seats for Congress to form pre-poll coalition.” Further, “Our focus, especially in the 66 assembly constituencies of Malwa-Nimad in West Madhya Pradesh, is 28 Will be on seats. Out of these 28 seats, 22 seats reserved for Scheduled Tribes and out of these 22 seats, there currently only five seats in the Congress fold.

He said, “Jayas had ‘Kisan Panchayat’ in Kukshi of Dhar district on October 2. More than one lakh tribal youth  involved in this. From this we have told that what is our strength in Malwa-Nimar. ”

Malwa-Nimad Zone

In the last assembly elections of 2013, BJP won 56 seats out of these 66 seats in Malwa-Nimar, whereas the Congress to content with only nine seats. There a seat in the account of the rebel leader of the BJP who contested as an Independent candidate due to not getting ticket from his party.

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