Not Just Reservation, more arrows in quiver before the election?

budget session

Not Just Reservation, many more arrows in  quiver before the election?

The central government has decided to have a 14-day budget session of Parliament, which will start on January 31. Since, only a few days’ session is enough to meet budgetary formalities before the election. So the decision of the lengthy budget session has started to assume that the government is looking at some other kind of quota for the general category poor. Shocking ‘can take big decisions. It is a sign that the government can also try to pass the pending bill, such as the Citizenship Amendment Bill, the bill making three divorces punishable.

Actually, before the general elections, the government is not in a position to present a full budget, therefore, the demand for accounting for a few months is presented. It is also called a vote-on-account or the  budget. A few days’ session is enough for a vote on account, but the government has called a 14-day session. On February 1, the interim budget will be introduce, in such speculation in the political corridors that the government will be able to release some arrows like ‘General Kota’ from its quiver before the election.

The budget session is being start just before the general elections. In such a case, the likelihood of this is too little that the Opposition adopts a synergy on disputed issues.

However, on the bill associated with 10 percent ‘General Quota’. It was also seen that most parties did not oppose it. The possibility of this can not be denied that the government can play some other similar stakes, in which the Opposition is also reluctant to oppose it.

In the winter session. Parliament’s work was greatly affected and especially in the Rajya Sabha, it was difficult to do some work. An exception was the general quota bill, which continued the proceedings in the high house throughout the day. The way the bill suddenly brought, within 2-3 days of getting approval from the Cabinet. The approval of Parliament also, in the same way the government can take some more steps before the elections. It may also include steps in which Parliament approval will not be required. For example, decisions like providing financial relief to farmers.

On the Ram temple issue in Ayodhya, Hindu Hindu organizations such as Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the RSS government. They are demanding that legislation be pass from Parliament for this. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already made it clear. He Said that he will wait for the court verdict on Ram temple and the legislature will not interfere in the court process.

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