Modi govt will introduce fresh triple talaq bill in Lok Sabha today. Here’s why

triple talaq

Modi govt will introduce fresh triple talaq bill in Lok Sabha today. Here’s why

The fact that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has issued a whip to its Lok Sabha MPs to remain present in the House during the debate on the triple talaq bill today (December 27). And speaks volumes about the political importance this bill holds.

The triple talaq bill or the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, has being introduced in the Lok Sabha today. It’s because the Narendra Modi government had passed an ordinance in this regard in September.

As per law, an ordinance is only valid for 6 months from its promulgation. However, if Parliament is in session. The ordinance will have to be replaced by a bill within 42 days (six weeks) from the day the session begins. A failure in doing this will mean that the ordinance lapses.

The ongoing Winter Session for Parliament that started on December 11.However, the government is at liberty to re-introduce the ordinance. In case the bill fails to get through Parliament.

The Modi government had earlier issued a bill on triple talaq in Parliament. It was passed by the Lok Sabha but pending in the Rajya Sabha, where the NDA does not enjoy a majority.


The Opposition in the Rajya Sabha had suggested with some amendments in the bill and the impasse between the Opposition and the government did not end. As a result, the government has come up with a fresh bill and will introduce in the Lok Sabha today. If the fresh bill is passed by the Lok Sabha, it will supersede the earlier bill.

 PM Modi: Committed to make law on triple talaq

On December 22, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the Centre was committed to make this law on triple talaq despite being facing hardship from opposition parties in Parliament.

“We are committed that Muslim women can get rid of a big life threat. Not just that, in order for Muslim women to go to Haj (pilgrimage). We have removed the clause that men need to accompany them,” he added.


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