Modi Govt New Scheme For Unemployed System Will Ask You For Your Job


Modi government will bring a 'special' plan for unemployed, will get job soon!

The Modi Government is now preparing for a 'special' scheme for the unemployed people of the country. According to the exhaustive information given to the media, the government preparing to create a system that will try to overcome the shortcomings by taking feedback from the unemployed and help young people get their jobs as soon as possible. The scheme is expected to benefit directly from those unemployed youth who have long been wandering around looking for a job. The benefit of this scheme will also be those who get job from time to time. Because the information of such people will be removed as soon as the system is updated.

How to Join Unemployed Youth

According to information given by the media, nowadays, the government will ask you whether you got a job in the job where you applied for job. In response to this question, the government will make many strategies based on the response given by the unemployed. It told that two to three months after registration, your mobile number asked via SMS whether you got a job or not. You have to answer yes or no.

That's not going to be difficult.

According to the top sources of the labor ministry, plans made to start this service through the platform of the National Career Center. Anyone who applies the job seeker through this platform asked for information about whether they got a job by sending a message or call. According to sources, because many platforms and sites use this platform to get job seeker data. In such a situation, it is not difficult to serve.

This scheme will help the unemployed

The sources in the Labor Ministry claim that it will have many benefits. If you have been searching for a job for several months and still there is a search, then the government will have even a figure of such people. For that, efforts  made with different efforts. Why do not you get a job, do you have any kind of technical or skill training? These help done by the government.

You will also get help if you get a job

According to the source, if you answer yes, then the government will get the figure for people who get jobs from their platform. After getting a job, your bio-data also removed from the respective platform so that you do not have the problem of unnecessarily. The source has also informed that work on the scheme of change on the National Career Center platform for the new system has started.

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