vinta nanda filed written complaint against alok nath sexual harassment

vinta nanda

#MeToo: 19 years after the police station reached Vinata, the court rebuked Alok Nath

After the name was revealed in #MeToo,sexual harassment actor Alok Nath and his wife vinta nanda had filed a defamation case against Vinita Nanda. Now writer producer Vinata is ready to fight legally. On Wednesday, Vineeta filed a written complaint against Alok Nath in Oshiwara police station in Mumbai. He has written a letter to PM Narendra Modi seeking justice in the matter. Sinita’s press conference is going on in Mumbai. In it, tough decisions can be taken against Bollywood names mentioned under #MeToo.

Apart from the police station till today, Vinita said, “I have lodged a complaint against Alok Nath in the police station today. Duty police officer has given me the assurance that they will record my statement soon and will file an FIR. I have complete faith in the police and the judiciary. After 19 years of trauma, I have come here to file a complaint. ”

vinta nanda complaint Court rebuked Alok Nath

On the other hand, on Wednesday, hearing of defamation case filed by Alok Nath on behalf of the court also heard on the case. During this time the judge expressed displeasure over the non-existence of the actor. The court said, why is Alok Nath not present during the trial?

Explain that on Monday Alok’s wife Ashu had filed a defamation case against himself and Alok in the Session Court. It written that this post used for the purpose of fame or spoiling the image of the front. It  mentioned in the petition that since this case, husband and wife (Alok-Ashu) are in panic because now everyone is watching them with a different perspective. With this, the matter of seeking 1 rupee damages from Vinata written in this matter. It also written in the petition that either Hinaena apologized in writing and or be ready to face the court.

Alok Nath did not give the answer to IFTDA’s notice

Apart from this, IFTDA had sent a notice to Alok Nath and asked for an answer on the matter. But the actor has refused to answer. A statement issued on behalf of Alok Nath, rejecting the notice sent by IFTDA. It said that there is no police complaint against him in the present case. Because of this, their accountability not made.

In cases of sexual harassment, IFTDA has sought the response from the accused. IFTDA also said that one-sided decisions made in the case of non-response.

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