Do you know the methods behind the advertisement that you see are used


The Different Types of Advertising Methods Available to You

When you access a website, social media platform or app, you see many ads. But you ever wondered on what basis these advertisements shown to you? Have you ever wanted to know that the thing that you were searching on some of the on-line websites just a few minutes ago, the advertisement of the same stuff would appear on other websites. We will tell you how advertisements are displayed on websites and Facebook. With this, we will explain which advertising systems are used by advertisers to target their users on Facebook.


When you log in to Facebook or any other platform, you share many of your related information with related advertisers. According to your knowledge, advertisers share you in many categories. In these categories, you put on the basis of your habits, likes and shopping. This system lets you target advertisers.

Dynamics ad

Facebook has recently introduced a new side advertising system. In this system, those users targeted, who have expressed their interest in the goods. In the DynamicsAd, the retargeting method used, which often becomes a problem for users.

Suppose you looked at a purse online website now whether you like purse or if you want to buy it, the ad's algorithm set to show that the ad now be visible to other websites on the same purse. Dynamic Ed going to take this system up one step, you will be showing a discount of 10% discount on the same purse. According to a report, companies generate revenues up to three times through these advertisements.

Custom audiences

In this system, advertisers target users who have already purchased any of their products or have visited their websites. In this system the advertisers reach you through downloaded apps or your email ID. For example, suppose you have subscribed to Netflix, so when you log in to Facebook, you may get to see an advertisement for another program on your Netflix. Or you have used your e-mail id in a website or app to buy the clock, you will see the ad in the other products related to the same watch in your mail. This system widely used on Facebook, with the help of which advertisers easily find their audience in other countries.

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