Malware is Targeting Apple iphones of 13 vvips in india

Malware Attack

Malware Attack on 13 VVIPs of India Significant data at risk

There is a possibility of malware attack on the iPhone 13 of the VVIP in the country. Its also expected that information of messages from VVIP iPhone, WhatsApp location, chat logs, pictures and contacts also stolen. Commercial Threat Intelligence Group Cisco Tools researchers and analysts found that this is a high level attack. 13 people have been stolen by targeting the iPhone with the help of a suspicious application. However, the identity of these 13 people has not been revealed so far.

Uses Russia’s e-mail domain name

Experts of Cisco suspect that an attacker may be located in India but he is trying to show himself to Russia. According to experts, the attacker used the name of the Russian name and the e-mail domain of Russia. The Vodafone network of India used in the attacking two personal devices. On the TALOS Intelligence blog, it written that the attacker has prepared an open source mobile device management system to access the 13 iPhone.

Telegram and Whatsapp chat also kick

Paul Raskageness, a malware researcher and Mallware analyst in Cisco, Warren Mercer, a technical leader of Tallos Security, said that the attacker has used different techniques to add different features to messaging apps like WhatsApp and telegram. After this 13 sent to the targeted iPhone by MDM. The attacker’s code has entered into phone numbers, serial numbers, locations, contacts, user photos, SMS, telegrams and WhatsApp chat.

 Attacks with full planning

Tweeted on the research of the online community of Linux / Unix system administration, NixCroft Taloz said that seeing the way the entire planning done and the time spent, it seems that it is the VVIP’s iPhone. The attacker has targeted only 13 iPhones in India, which has suspicion and depth. This preparation was going on for the last three years, but no one could get the information about it.

Rare Case for iPhone Security

Security researcher Kiran Zonalgadda said that with this attack it is clear that the iOS device is insecure. Many users are unaware of this. Telangana CID Superintendent of Police U Rammohan said in a conversation with a newspaper that putting a dent in the security of the iPhone is a rare case. So far none of the cases related to the safety of the iPhone has come into being. If this has happened then it will be due to user’s mistake.

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