Be aware Hiddad Malware present on Google Play

Hidden Malware

Google Play Store may also be hidden in the smartphone that damages the malware!

As fast as the technology is getting updated, the dangers associated with it are growing at the same pace. Do you know that malware can also be hidden in the Google Play Store that you download the app from within the smartphone. It can damage your smartphone, i.e. it can also damage. It has been revealed in recent research in the company of Quick Heel, a provider of antivirus solutions. Quick Heal found that malware was hidden in the Google Play Store. Such malware on Google Play Store has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times. Quick Heal has also reported this to Google and removed these malware from the Play Store.


Hidden Malware

Uninstall malware application

Go to App Manager in Settings

-For Google Play store and uninstall it

If you are still confused, it would be better if you use mobile antivirus for this. Antivirus detects such malware and prompts you to uninstall it.

Hidden Malware

Avoid fake mobile apps

– Get detailed information before downloading any app

-Speak the developer’s name and its website. If the name sounds unbearable, then be alert

-Review the app’s review and its ratings, but remembering can also be fake.

Never download an app from a third-party app store.

– Use a tested mobile antivirus for security of the smartphone that prevents you from downloading fake and harmful apps.

-Use secure networks only and do not click on unknown pop-ups

Beware of malware app

Trojan is a malware app that tries to interfere with other programs and creates disturbances in the function of the phone. Spyware is a malware app that stole the user’s data and can threaten your money with important information. Apart from this, Ghost Push is a malware app that captures the operating system, and its attack will make the handset recover almost impossible. Other common malware- Kabyer, Dats, Sculls, Commonweares, Gingermaster, Druidkungfu, Ikei, Gunpoder, Shadun, Hummingbad, Fallsguide, Skinner and Dress code etc.

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