woman have 5 percent more risk then man of kidney related diseases


woman have 5 percent more risk then man of Risk factors for chronic kidney disease

Diseases related to kidney disease are a matter of concern in the whole world, with severe consequences in the form of kidney failure and premature death. Kidney Disease is currently the eighth most important cause of death in women. Fear of developing chronic kidney disease (CKD) in women is 5 percent higher than men. Dr Sudip Singh Sachdev, nephrologist of Narayana Super Specialty Hospital located in Gururgram, says that CKD is considered to be a risk factor for infertility and normal pregnancy and childbirth. This reduces the reproductive capacity of women and increases the risk for both the mother and the child; In those women who reach CKD level, the hyper-tensive disorders and the possibility of premature delivery are greatly increased.

Due to kidney related disorders

Kidney diseases are mainly due to the tightening of diabetes, hypertension and arteries. However, many of these diseases can also be due to the swelling of kidneys. This condition called nephritis. Apart from metabolic disorder, some anatomic disorder also causes kidney related diseases. These diseases also inherited from both parents by the children. Due to kidney diseases vary, in the same way different patients found in different symptoms. However, some common symptoms include excessive or too little urination, urination in the urine, or the amount of chemicals becoming abnormal.

How is Diagnosis?

The real problem is in the diagnosis of this disease, as long as the kidney does not have tumor or swelling, it is difficult for doctors to check only by touching the kidneys. There are many tests, which used to investigate kidney tissues. Take a sample of urine and check for protein, sugar, blood and ketones etc.

What are the treatment options?

The infection also cured with anti biotics, if the infection is due to bacteria. In the case of acute kidney failure, it is best to detect the causes of the disease. In such cases, treatment of causes possible to get back normal functioning of kidneys, but in most cases of kidney failure, blood pressure brought to normal level so that the disease prevented further. When the kidney failer reaches the final stage, it only controlled by dialysis or kidney transplant. Dialysis done once a week or even more often, depending on the conditions. In the transplant, the sick kidney replaced by a healthy kidney.

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